Saturn and Pluto in Virgo and the 6th House

Astrology with Guru Rattana

In my last blog I gave an overview of the three conjunctions between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter that announce new beginnings for all of us in 2020.

In this blog I discuss how the Saturn Pluto alignment (which is already active within 2 degrees) is affecting us and how these energies impact Virgo and the 6th house. Below are excerpts from my forthcoming book Your Astrology for a New Beginning, which will be for sale early December.

Saturn Can Make Us Feel Stuck

Saturn in any house can make us feel stuck. We can experience that progress is delayed and impeded by an unidentifiable force. But actually we are being forced to dig deep and stay present to our feelings and emotions that arise so that we can build a conscious inner foundation that supports us in living our lives. We explore and we initiate ourselves as we come home to ourselves and find our roots.

The Challenge and the Opening

Saturn energy is heavy. We may feel a loss of energy wherever Saturn is placed in our birth chart or transiting. Limited physical energy is accompanied by an emotional and spiritual hunger for something that we can’t identify. Self-nurturing helps us find what we are looking for –a source of sustenance within. As we do so, early formed defense systems can be replaced by self-love and acceptance. Feelings of vulnerability no longer need to be interpreted as weakness, and can lead us to open our hearts to ourselves.

Pluto Makes Us Feel Insecure

Insecurity is a normal human emotion, especially when we begin a new phase of our lives. Awareness of our insecurities leads us to explore what has been imprinted in our psyche that is not a secure foundation. Pluto’s influence adds to our existential malaise. We can feel disconnected, disoriented, and not sure of what we should do.

As we are able to expose and discard the undercurrents of hidden agendas, we become more authentically ourselves. We move from unconscious behavior and identity to self awareness and conscious choice and free will.

The Sixth House and Virgo

The sixth house is about consolidating ourselves and our identity. In the process of taking care of mundane activities, we perfect skills, learn how to be present to details, and digest our previous experiences into useful strategies. We organize our personal resources into their most useful form.

Transition House

In the transition houses (third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth) our job is to learn to pay attention to everyday events and the details of making life work. It is easy for fall into routines, responses, and habits that mechanize, instead of bringing awareness and precision to details. The more we lapse into unconscious behavior, the less prepared we are to effectively and creatively interact in the world.

Preparing Ourselves

We may feel restless and yearn for more interactions and activity. The present may seem boring. If so, we can usefully use the time to learn new skills, refine and update old ones, and to take better care of ourselves. We can prepare ourselves for an unknown future by cleaning up and clearing out both our physical space and our bodies. In terms of employment, we need to focus on what we are learning that can prepare us for advancement or a career change in the future.

Creating Good Habits

One of the best uses of Virgo energy is to create good habits. This doesn’t sound very exciting or glamorous, but good habits are the foundation of a good life and for a powerful projection. Paying attention to our habitual behavior and making choices that serve our well-being are the basis of taking responsibility for our life. As we pay attention to, monitor, and trim tab how we do things, we become more and more self-directed, efficient, and effective.

Cultivate Skills, Humility, and Gratitude

In the sixth house we get very clear about and hone our talents, skills, gifts, and interests.

We must avoid being too critical and judgmental of self and others. Instead of focusing on imperfections, indulging in self doubt, and being overwhelmed by details, we need to search for deeper meaning in the mundane and live modestly with humility and gratitude for life.

Saturn and Pluto in the Sixth House

What We Can Control and What We Can’t

When Saturn and Pluto are in the sixth house, we learn how to deal with the demands and challenges that present themselves over which we have little or no control. We are forced to learn how to (1) take care of what we can control, (2) be able to let go of what we can’t control, and (3) create boundaries and guidelines that help us tell the difference.

Trust the Process

Saturn and Pluto force us to work with and trust the process that is allowing us to consolidate our inner resources and to embody our presence so it can work for us in the next stages in our life. These are subtle, but critical skills that will have practical application in our ability to manifest and succeed in the world.

Burned Out? Take Care of Your Health

When Saturn and Pluto are in the sixth house, we can feel burned out or exhausted. These are serious signs that it is time to pull back and take care of our health. Loss of employment, illness, or other ‘surprises’ are simply a way to get our attention and to force us to take care of what we have neglected (ourselves) and denied (our sensitivity and own needs).

It is often only under duress that we wake up, pay attention, and finally get honest with ourselves. This can be a perfect time to change life styles, including healthier food regimes and physical exercise. Discipline and commitment are key to consolidating and caring for ourselves so that we can more effectively deal with life. Practical adjustments serve a greater purpose of preparation to handle the logistics as well as to have the inner strength to deal with a more complicated existence in the future.

Let Go and Let Life Unfold

The sixth house is where we prepare ourselves by letting go of entrenched habits and attachments. We are well advised to choose what is useful, and leave the rest behind.

We must become conscious of what we are taking into relationships and into the world. If self care has been superseded by attention to others and circumstances, we need to shift our priorities. We train ourselves to not lose ourselves in the process of dealing with complicated and demanding interactions.

Consolidate and Prepare

Our overall challenge in Virgo territory and the sixth house is to consolidate our beingness and skills that prepare us to move into the fascinating world of relationships.

Guru Rattana’s 2020 book will be ready early December 2019.