Projection Workshop in Encinitas, CA

Dear Friends,

Sat Nam!

This month I will be teaching a workshop in Encinitas, Southern California at Soul of Yoga Center

Projection, Presence, Prayer, and Prosperity

Date: Sunday August 18th

10 am to 5:30 pm (Early birds welcome to join at 8:00 for another Kundalini Yoga class)

$120  Lunch included

Come for Monday also, Guru Meher’s all day workshop Senses of the Soul and save $40, both days $200

Workshop description:

Empower and achieve coherency in your projection, presence, and prayer — your foundation for happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Learn inner awareness and meditation techniques to awaken, align and nurture your inner reality and live in heart-centered consciousness.

For more Information – see below.

To sign up :

or contact
Marcia, Mahanraj Kaur, Director of Yoga, The Soul Center – Tel: 760-224-8720

Projection — Inner Reality Creates Outer Reality

To stop engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors and to create more of what we want and deserve in life, we must understand the nature and impact of our projection. Becoming conscious of our projection and cultivating a projection that works for us is fundamental to spiritual journey toward inner mastery and a subtle sensory affair.

The Concept of Projection

Our projection is created by what we experience within ourselves and by how we extend our inner reality outside ourselves. Our projection is our non-verbal, non-physical energetic statement to the world and the Universe.

Together, (1) our thoughts, (2) how we feel, (3) our subconscious programming, (4) the state of our consciousness, and (5) the clarity and radiance of our aura determine what we project. The messages of our projection determine how and what we attract and create.

Examining Your Projection

Our path to inner mastery, includes (1) investigating the nature of our projection, (2) becoming conscious of the impact and consequences of what we are projecting, and (3) learning to live in the awareness of the cause and effect relationship between our inner and outer realities.

To investigate the nature of our projection and how it impacts and shapes our life, we need to examine (1) what our mind is paying attention to, (2) the desires of our emotions, and (3) our consciousness in relationship to our soul and the Divine. We will quickly understand how the state of our mind, emotions, and consciousness determines what we attract and create. Below we discuss three common ways woman creates a self-sabotaging projection and a fourth optimal way to create a powerful and positive projection.

* From Chapter Five in The Gift of Womanhood – Inner Mastery, Outer Mystery (adapted to be relevant for both men and women)


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