Kundalini Yoga

Pranic Meditation and Self-Inquiry

(This is the accompanying meditation for my Sun in Sagittarius article)

Neptune and Pisces are powerful forces during the first 3 weeks of December that affect our state of being. We may experience mental and emotional confusion, spaciness, and distraction. Neptune in Pisces is slippery territory that cannot be understood in our rational mind. The best we can do is to be very present and awake in this wavy and cloudy environment.


We can understand the mysteries of the mind and heart only through the deep silence and inner listening of meditation. We need to enter our neutral mind, go deep into the silence, and also be very present to our feelings. Then we need to trust what we feel and avoid letting our rational mind discount messages that don’t make sense. We also have to guard against invalidating feelings that contradict moralistic and righteous belief systems that dictate how we think things, including ourselves, should be.

In meditation, we can become aware of how we interpret the specific facts our experiences. Our subconscious programming attributes meanings and draws conclusions based on assumptions and beliefs. As our brain and emotional body filter events, our perception of the world and reality is personalized into our story, which can be quite different from others’ stories.


This is an appropriate time to investigate the extent to which you are following your own truth and when and how you allow yourself to be over influenced by the media, social demands, and others’ ideas about what you should do. Check in with your inner reality and monitor the extent to which you are consumed by information irrelevant to your own life and fantasies about what you wish were true. What information are you ignoring that you need to listen to?

Sometimes we simply do not know what to do. In this case, the best option is to accept not-knowing. Avoid succumbing to fear and anxiety about the future. Don’t get trapped in worrying or preoccupying yourself with what is wrong or might go wrong. Do not spiral down into depression, fall victim to overwhelm, or indulge in escapism. Be open and patient. Direction and knowing appear in divine right timing.

Slow down, stay very close to yourself, be with your breath, and let it lead you deep inside yourself. Focus at your third eye and let your inner eye awaken you to intuitive insights. In the neutral mind we can see through illusions, overcome distractions, and awaken to an expanded level of truth, wisdom, and love.

A Stable, Neutral Place to Rest Your Mind

The mind needs a place to rest and a stable place where it can feel safe to open up. This place and space is found in our neutral mind channel, which is by its very nature both steady and expansive. When the required stable space is not available in our neutral mind, we try to create it in our dualistic mind by adopting a box of beliefs that we hope will provide a context for our thoughts. Our fabricated box seeks to find stability through limits and control. Beliefs create fake, porous boundaries that offer us a contrived, limited, and false sense of security. We simply restrict ourselves and get stuck in the rules of our own game. We need to carefully identify futile and spurious attempts to fabricate an erroneous sense of stability.

Pranic Meditation

The Pranic Meditation (from Transitions to a Heart-Centered World p. 142 second edition) awakens your intuitive, instinctual, and pranic sensitivities. To stay centered and to awaken the neutral mind, feel each inhale enter your nostrils, go up to the bridge of the nose, and inside your head to your third eye. Keep a default focus at our third eye and feel the tip of your nose.

To gain full benefit of this pranic practice, it is important to stay very present in feeling awareness in your body and be conscious in your neutral mind (not thinking in your dualistic mind).

In Easy Pose with straight spine, make fists with index (Jupiter) fingers straight out, thumb resting on tucked fingers. Jupiter fingers cross at middle sections, with right on top, palm facing down, and left underneath, palm facing up, at diaphragm level. Fingers are straight and flat.

Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, and exhale slowly and completely and forcefully through a puckered mouth (not whistling) so it can be felt on the tips of the index fingers. Inhale and exhale are of equal duration. The entire cycle lasts up to 15 seconds. Fingers will feel cold. Never do this with a quick breath.

Meditate on your own prana carried by the breath for 11 minutes maximum.

To end, interlock your fingers and stretch your arms overhead. Then sit quietly (or lie down) in silence, deeply listen within, feel the sensations in your body. Feel alive without trying to do anything or make anything happen. Simply be available to what shows up – or not.

COMMENTS: This meditation will maintain youthfulness of mind and body, despite age. It brings health and healing ability—fertilizes the brain so there is no depression. You may yawn or stretch, but keep on with the breathing. It also eliminates fatigue and gives a constant flow of energy. You’ll become intuitive and universally sensitive (sensitive to phenomena like earthquakes, etc.), and you will not get tired.

Don’t keep searching for the truth, just let go of your opinions –Author Unknown

Transitions to a Heart Centered World - 2nd Edition