Pisces 2018 – Waking Up to Love

Astrology with Guru Rattana

The Pisces journey is about removing the clouds in our psyche so we can wake up to the infinite love that vibrates in every cell of our bodies and throughout the universe.

February 18 – Sun Enters Pisces

The Pisces archetype is about our relationship with non-physical reality and connecting with our natural essence, which is the same as the qualities of the divine source from which we are all born. The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces helps us merge with universal consciousness.

While the Sun shines in Pisces (the last water sign), we are encouraged to relax, rest, and align with the flow of life. As we let go of judgment and resistance, we can be replenished by the spiritual forces that are always available to feed and sustain us. We make ourselves available to receive with acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.

Pisces prepares our body, mind, and emotions for a rebirth when the Sun moves into fiery Aries on March 20.

March 1-2 – Virgo Full Moon

4:51 PM PST (March 2 – 00:51 GMT) at 11 degrees

Virgo themes include purifying, healing, refining, and simplifying. Virgo is the organizer concerned with the details of life and taking care of our bodies and the environment. Virgo urges us to get rid of physical, mental, and emotional clutter that takes up space, weights us down, and distracts us from our essential priorities.

We are going to need the grounding energy of Virgo with five planets currently in Pisces — Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron. Pisces helps us create space and spaciousness. Discerning Virgo helps us figure out how we can best use this space to nurture ourselves and our life path. To better serve, we need to release what no longer serves us.

The Virgo Full Moon, forming an Earth trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Pallas Athena in Taurus, helps us define our next strategic steps to realize our worldly goals.

The Virgo Full Moon opposes both the Sun and Neptune, which will be conjunct March 4. When the Sun, which expresses our life force, will, and individuality, aligns with the dissolving force of Neptune, we can feel confused, lost, and deprived of vitality. Instead of feeling negative, notice what is out of alignment and be open to receive intuitive guidance on how to align your will with divine will. Mercury in Pisces relaxes our mind, making it possible to be open to new ideas and to release judgment and resistance to what we feel to be out of our comfort zone.

Venus also in Pisces embellishes the tone of acceptance, love, pleasure, and compassion. Venus and Mercury are approaching a conjunction with Chiron, encouraging us to transcend misperceptions that cause us to feel unworthy, unloved, and not good enough. Self-worth issues play out in many ways, including (1) comparing ourselves to others, (2) excess giving in order to receive, (3) jealousy, and (4) stressful over-achieving. Core wounds can be healed and conditioning can be released with grieving, self-empathy, and self-acceptance.

To seek the higher truth represented by the Pisces archetype, we have to cut through the dense fog of illusion. To do so, we need silent contemplative meditation. We use the piercing Virgo mind to find clarity, to unveil the truth, and to discover secrets that no longer need to be mysteries.

Jupiter in Scorpio trines the Venus-Mercury conjunction, facilitating a deeper look into our inner reality and personal truth. Heartfelt communication with ourselves and others can open the door for greater honesty, intimacy, and transformation. It is important to listen to others and not try to be right in their eyes. We need to be right and at peace with ourselves.

March 17 – Pisces New Moon

6:11 AM PDT (13:11 GMT) at 26 degrees

The Pisces New Moon invites us to take time out from our incessant doing, business, and incessant activities to simply relax and be present to our energy, moods, and state of feeling. Pisces territory includes downtime, playtime, artistic creativity, meditation, and dreams. Too often devalued in our activity-oriented society, relaxing activities are not a frivolous waste of time, but required essentials for our health and well-being. To give more than lip service to the importance of finding inner peace, we have to spend time cultivating our inner faculties of listening, awareness, and feeling in our personal meditation practice.

Fiery Mars in Sagittarius squares this New Moon. When we feel restless, impatient, and anxious, it is time to take action. Maybe we just need to get some exercise or take a walk. Maybe it is time to make a decision we have been putting off. But for sure don’t use this energy to induce or sustain conflict. Expansive Sagittarius can help us access a big heart and spacious mind that can hold everyone, as we focus on connecting within ourselves and living our own truth.

Chiron in Pisces

The Pisces New Moon aligns with Chiron in Pisces. At 28 degrees, this is the end of Chiron’s sojourn in Pisces, where it has focused on healing Pisces themes since 2010-11. Known as the Wounded Healer, Chiron is our companion who guides us to release misunderstandings and conditioning that cause pain and suffering. In the process we tap into our essence, mystery, and gifts. In Pisces, our core wound is the false perception of feeling that we are separate from Source. Under the illusion of separation, we feel powerless, unsupported, and unimportant. We try to find relief and meaning by indulging in self-destructive escapist strategies including many forms of addictions.

Only our personal experience of unity consciousness can heal our Pisces wounds. Our healing requires an awakening and personal experience that physical and non-physical realities are not separate but only different dimensions of the same universal energies. Pisces’ security is rooted in our unquestioned experience of oneness with the infinite.

April 17 Chiron moves into Aries. This Pisces New Moon gives us a chance to evaluate and consolidate our healing progress over the last seven years. Self-empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion are the glue that culminate and anchor in our healing journey.

Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces September 25. Chiron re-enters Aries mid February where it stays through 2027.

From Duality to Oneness

The Pisces symbol consists of two fishes swimming together. If they swim holding on to each others’ tails, they swim in harmony. If they swim in opposite directions, they wander in duality and unawakened confusion. Their dualistic dilemmas, which they must confront and transcend this lifetime include

(1) overcoming illusions and fantasies in order to connect with infinite reality

(2) giving up spacing out in dreamland and making a focused effort to find and merge identities with the infinite qualities within

(3) ceasing to indulge in escapist tendencies, and instead cultivate being present in the body, with sensations, and breathing.

(4) giving up drug, alcohol, food and other addictions and becoming ‘divine addicts’ who enjoy the pleasure of awakened consciousness.

In sum, Pisces’ path is to transform conditioning that encourages duality so that it can experience the bliss of oneness while living in a human body and serving humanity.

March 8 – July 10 – Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio

At the Pisces New Moon March 17, Jupiter is in harmony with the Sun, Moon, and Chiron through a supportive trine. Scorpio urges to examine inner conflicts that interfere with our worldly pursuits. We need to identify and let go of conditioning and beliefs that sabotage our manifesting powers. A clear inner space supports our power to imagine and plan for our future. Scorpio reminds us that inner transformation is always the key to manifesting our potential in the world. Examine and refine your emotional vibration so that you attract from love, not fear, and from inspiration, not anger.

Jupiter is in Scorpio from October 11, 2017 through November 8, 2018. Jupiter travels through each sign for about 13 months, during which time it is retrograde for about 4 months. In the initial direct period, we usually feel positive and expansive energy. However, when Jupiter goes retrograde, the initial exciting energy seems to disappear and we wonder what happened to the party.

All planetary movements have their own plan. During retrograde periods, we are invited inward to examine what is going on in our psyche and energy field. We purge what needs to be released and build an inner space that supports our activity in the world. We can productively use this time for planning and to put into place structures that make action possible.

The essay below can guide you on your Pisces awakening journey.

Everywhere and in Everybody

Everywhere there is consciousness, aliveness, space, vibration, and sound.

The very foundation of the universe is space filled with consciousness.

The very nature of the universe vibrates with aliveness and sound.

Our basic nature is also consciousness, aliveness, space, vibration, and sound.

Within ourselves we experience all these universal qualities.

Our sensory system allows us to be aware of all of these through awareness, feeling, and listening. As we experience these in our own being, we tune into our oneness with the Infinite.

Our job is to wake up our senses and refine our sensitivity to resonate in unity.

Only by immersing ourselves in the qualities of the Infinite can we be truly ourselves.

Awaken your mind with awareness, and thinking will cease to demand your attention.

Open your mind to look into the vast infinite space, and you will contain the whole universe.

Listen deeply to the sound of silence, and it will infuse your space completely.

Move and relax your body to feel every sensation, and you will vibrate with universal aliveness.

Open yourself to peace, and let the soft vibration penetrate you completely.

Deepen awareness, feeling, and listening into consciousness, and you will wake up.

Open yourself to what is everywhere, and you will be one with IT completely.

In total surrender and trust, open yourself to what is, was, and always will be.

Allow yourself to listen to your intuition speak to you and follow it completely.

Trust your natural responses, and everything will fall into place. *


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* Inspired by sections 22 and 23 of the Tao Te Ching.