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Manifesting Meditation

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Have you noticed a shift in energy with both the Sun and Saturn now in Capricorn? Do you feel more settled (or a desire to be more settled), eager to take care of business, to make things happen, to get your life in order?

We have a better chance of manifesting when we are available in feeling awareness in our bodies. Present to the sensations in our body, we become attractor mechanisms that magnetize to us. Energetically our physical body, aura, and other subtle bodies are always attracting or repelling depending upon their frequency, which depends on many things including our mood, and emotional, mental, and physical states.

Here is a great meditation to begin the New Year that starts with a Cancer Full Moon. (See Capricorn Blog.)

This meditation helps us cultivate a grounded presence at an elevated frequency. It is always good to do Kundalini Yoga before this meditation to prepare your body to optimally integrate the vibrations of the sounds and to cultivate our power to attract and receive.

For Setting the Physical Plane in Order

Seraba Sud Meditation

February 6, 1975

To begin, stretch the body well and feel good all over. Then, sit with a straight spine and place the right hand on top of the left hand, pressing the thumbs together. Hold this mudra at diaphragm level, take a deep breath and chant:

Ha ri, ha ri,

Ha ri, ha ri,

Ha ri, ha ri,


The chanting is long and slow. The final “Har” is extended until the breath is out. “Ha” and “ri” are two separate sounds.

Focus the closed eyes on the brow point, looking out through the third eye. As the mind settles, you may see various colors flash onto your mental screen. At first some black, then a little red. Finally you will start seeing green. When you do, meditate on that color, letting it fill the entire consciousness with a vibration of health and productivity.

COMMENTS: This is one of a number of meditations that is particularly effective for those who want to practice self-healing and for those who deal with other people’s mental problems It is good for anyone who wishes to heal a troubled relationship because its main effect is to set the physical plane in order. Stress is the product of practical concerns and this meditation will work on the problem and impart the peace of mind that comes with doing something positive about a situation as well. Meditating on the color green is good for those who want divine green energy in their home. Gold is good for grounding and manifesting. White is not recommended as it takes us out of the body. Practice and understand the power of the meditation, and it will lift your spirit in a real practical way.

NOTE: I like to focus each Ha-ri on a chakra starting with the first at the base of the spine and working up. I release Haaaaar out the crown chakra. We gather the energies and gifts of each chakra and send a prayer of wholeness and gratitude out our crown. Experiment and feel what makes you feel connected and produces a warm feeling in your body. To build your aura and integrate these manifesting sounds into an attractive-magnetic presence, cultivate and maintain a neutral feeling awareness with each sound and sensation.

This meditation is from The Gift of Womanhood, p. 304

The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana PhD