Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for the Third Eye and Heart

Perspective  – Eye/Heart of the Soul

To operate effectively in the Aquarian Age we need to observe life from the perspective of the eye and heart of our soul. For this we need to open our neutral mind and third eye and heart.

Dualistic/Conflicted Perspective

Each individual perceives and interprets reality from their unique vantage point. Our birth chart informs us that we each have our own particular perspective. Each of us within our own universe, however, has the same evolutionary goals (1) to have a unified, non-conflictual perspective, (2) to perceive from our soul and not our ego, and (3) to experience our oneness with our common universal source.

(1) In our dualistic mind, our viewpoint is fragmented and conflictual. We endlessly debate within ourselves many partial conceptions of reality. For example, our thoughts alternate between positive and negative interpretations and shift the locus of responsibility from ourselves (It is my fault.) to others (It is his or her fault.) or to an impersonal scapegoat (It is society’s fault.)

Personal evolution is about achieving higher levels of awareness that transcend the inner conflict perpetuated by dualistic thinking. Our goal is to extricate ourselves from distorted and limited ego perceptions of the truth. To do so, we must be able to see beyond our negative childhood conditioning and social programming, which positions our interpretations of life challenges in terms of ego-centric and often self-sabotaging survival strategies.

(2-3) In our dualistic mind we suffer existential anguish because our personality lacks a relationship with our soul and we perceive ourselves as separate from each other and disconnected from our Source. Our spiritual path aims to expand our consciousness so that we are able to experience our higher self, our interconnectedness with each other and all life, and witness the shared common transcendent ground from which we are all created.

Neutral/Peace/Soul Channel

We must activate our neutral/peace/soul channel to access a perspective radically different from that available in our ego-directed dualistic mind. In our neutral mind, (1) we transcend the conflict of our dual mind and are able to see from the vantage point of our soul, (2) we become aware of the Presence of Peace — the spiritual substance or ground from which all forms are created.

In our neutral mind we are able to perceive reality (1) from a neutral heart-centered soul perspective, (2) in terms of the ubiquitous presence of peace, and (3) simultaneously acknowledge the multiplicity of expressions of archetypal principles (including our own) that are created from our common Source.

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Exercise

Warm ups – After tuning in, leg stretches and chair pose are always good.

 KriyaHeart of Gold in Transitions to a Heart-Centered World p. 59

Practice this special kriya to activate your neutral mind and heart. Pay attention to the awakening of another level of awareness where you consciously connect to your neutral soul space and realize the existence of a unifying peaceful presence.

Before this practice, place a situation that you would like to see from a different, higher, non-conflicted perspective in your peaceful space.

Do not think. Listen and feel.

Perception is not just mental, it also includes feeling.

The third eye and heart align mind and body/emotions and integrate the two polarities of the soul.

In your neutral space, your observer faculty of perception will awaken.

 Exercise #1 opens the third eye.

 Exercise #2 expands the neutral space throughout the aura.

 Exercise #3 opens the heart space.

 Exercise #4 opens and extends the heart space to the hands.

 Exercise #5 opens the heart space.

 Exercise #6 clears the arc line and aura from the heart up.

 Exercise #8 expands the heart space in the consciousness.

Feel how each exercise expands your mind and heart space.

Heart of Gold yogaset

  1. YOGA MUDRA:  In Lotus (or Easy Pose), bend over placing forehead on the ground, extended, and raise the arms straight up, pulling the shoulder blades together with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes.
  2.  IN EASY POSE, lean forward to 60, grasp opposite shoulder blades and pull, right arm under left, and hold with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes.
  3. Arms stretched straight out in front, parallel to the ground, spread the fingers wide apart, feeling heat at the base of the palms and hold with long, deep breathing for 3 minutes.  Then tense hands and relax.  Brings energy to the heart in 2 shifts.
  4. Rub hands in a circular motion around the centers of the palms for 3 minutes.
  5. Upper arms at sides, bring left one out to the side away from the body and hold the right one close in, palms facing each other, and meditate on the energy between the hands for 7-15 minutes.
  6. EGO ERADICATOR:  Arms up to the sides at 60, fingertips on pads and thumbs extended up, breathe long and deep for 1-2 minutes, and then follow by 1-2 minutes of Breath of Fire.
  7. Repeat #4
  8. Place palms 4-6” apart at the Heart Center, palms facing each other, right one above, left below.  See a golden ball of light between the hands.  Expand the light with each breath, for 10-15 minutes.

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