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Inner Balance Aligns with Love — Libra Full Moon 2019

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The Libra full moon invites us to look a little deeper at what the Scales represent. A Scale with two equal weights reaching out on the two sides isn’t a very sexy symbol. Yet when we think of Libra we think of romance. And we jump into a fantasy world of passionate love and the illusion of a perfect soul mate partner. What else does Libra represent? Perhaps a balanced relationship with ourselves so that we are mature enough to attract and create a mature partnership?

March 20 – the Sun Shines in Aries

2:58 PM PDT (21:58 GMT)

Aries teaches us that our quest for understanding brings us back to ourselves — who we are and what we are doing here on planet Earth.

Aries announces a new beginning. Our focus is on moving forward with a clean slate and leaving the past in the past. Aries shakes off old baggage, feels unburdened, and enjoys a fresh start.

March 20-21 — The Libra Full Moon

6:28 PM PDT (1:42 GMT)

The spring equinox (with equal daylight and night time) combined with the Libra full moon remind us of the importance of finding inner balance.

Each full moon happens exactly opposite the Sun. At this full moon the Sun is joined by Chiron who recently entered Aries (February 18). Aries reminds us that our healing begins and continues as we establish our relationship with ourselves. A deeper relationship with ourselves reveals our divine connection and the fact that we are not alone. Until we get to this point, we haven’t gone deep enough. The balance that we seek with another will be shaky, if we can’t find and maintain balance within ourselves.

March 24 and April 2 – Mercury and Neptune Conjunct

Mercury and Neptune are still closely interacting with two exact conjunctions March 24 and April 2, both at 17ยบ Pisces.

Don’t think that something is wrong with you, if you feel disoriented and ungrounded. You aren’t alone! These spacey feelings won’t completely lift until Mercury enters Aries April 17. If you feel more inclined to be alone, to meditate, to focus on your own processing and creative work, do so, and enjoy this time as a sacred gift. It will be over soon enough. And you might miss it. You will be happy if you take advantage of the opening now.

There is a twilight zone energy to this time, which we can use to get in touch with deeply ingrained programming and thoughts that undermine our inner peace, happiness, and highest good. One way that we can experience this energy is to think that things seem stuck or are not moving forward as we think they should. However, this energy may be pulling us inward, not outward. So don’t interpret this as a lack of progress.

This is a time to do important work with ourselves, out of the public eye. We are building an internal foundation and laying the groundwork for our future. I am using this time to hone my ability to trust the unknown. At just the right time, we will feel like sharing and being more active in the world. It has been winter after all. Spring and summer are more conducive to exploring and being engaged with others and in community.

March 28 — Mercury Goes Direct

Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces until March 28. Mercury remains in Pisces until April 16, when it enters Aries.

So don’t try to figure things out now. We can’t. And what we plan now, might well change when Mercury goes direct, leaves Pisces, and moves out of the fog of Neptune. What we can do is be with what is and try to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on beneath the surface, under the facade. Be attentive to what you can let go of to make room for what’s next. Identify conflicted and confusing thoughts and replace them affirmations of self-acceptance and self-love. Hang out in your neutral mind where true balance is possible and clarity has the space to appear.

The Spring Equinox Reminds Us of the Cycles of Life

We welcome the spring equinox as a new beginning. This is also a good time to remember that life unfolds in cycles. The winter phase gives us time connect with ourselves at a deeper level. As we build a more solid inner foundation, we can expand to another level during the next phase of our journey. With greater emotional security and maturity, we gain a deep trust in ourselves, our path, and our life. We find that we are more awake and more conscious. Isn’t that what we really want?

I share this blog with you from my personal experience. Instead of impatience with the process, I deeply appreciate the richness of what I have gained in the last few months. I invite you to check this out for yourselves. Write your inner story in your journal. I bet you will be surprised at the inner wealth that you have gained. Embrace the silent progress that you have made. Be grateful. Be at peace with what you do not yet know. Patiently allow your path to unfold.

Don’t underestimate the importance of ‘winter hibernation’. We prepare our inner soil with the richness of our connection with love and peace, which nurtures our creativity and our compassion. Our inner process during winter allows us to see more clearly the beauty when the flowers begin to bloom. Trust your own flower to bloom too.

Meditation to Establish Inner Balance

This meditation balances the hemispheres of the brain, awakens the neutral channel in the mind, and opens the heart. You will enter an open receptive (yet safely contained) state where you can experience inner balance and peace. While doing the posture, pay attention to the sensations in your body and be lovingly present in feeling awareness with our body. At some point you will feel very connected to Mother Earth.

This is a hard posture to hold for 11 minutes, so work up to 11 minutes or put your hands down and come back up. However, go for the full 11 minutes as the effort is certainly worth it. You will feel a deep level of peace and balance that is very soothing and enjoyable. When you are done, do not jump up. Sit and enjoy your experience. You may wish to lie down on your back and deeply relax. Feel that you are lying on the bed of Mother Earth.

To Harmonize with the Magnetic Field of the Earth and to Experience Peace and Joy

In a comfortable meditation pose (easy pose, on your knees, or in a chair), stretch the arms directly out to the sides, parallel to the ground, with the palms down. With eyes nine-tenths closed looking down toward the tip of the nose, do long deep breathing for 3-11 minutes. Then stretch the arms up, pull up on the spine, shake out the arms and the body. Meditate.

This meditation awakens you to an experience of peace and joy, relieves stress and strain under any circumstances, and harmonizes you with the Earth’s magnetic field. You will become 84 times stronger.

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