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In the Leo Arena 2013

The Leo Archetype

Leo represents personal power, individual creativity, and the sovereignty of our soul. The Lion teaches us to be the star, to shine our light, and to follow our heart. The majestic Leo teaches us to honor and love our Soul. Self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love are essential ingredients for being able to respect diversity and be supportive of individual differences in our collective endeavors.

A critical contribution of the Leo archetype is the realization that only in heart-centered consciousness are we able to work together to create changes in our political, economic, and social systems. A spiritual revolution is the underpinning of structural changes that can be effective and sustainable.

July 22 – The Sun moves into the Leo arena

8:54 AM PDT (3:54 PM GMT) until it moves into Virgo August 22 at 4:02 PM PDT (11:02 PM GMT)

Two hours after the Sun enters Leo is the first of two full moons in Aquarius.

The Leo-Aquarius Polarity Pair

The Leo-Aquarius polarity pair integrates individuality and interdependence. Both stand for personal freedom. Leo’s self-interest and Aquarius’ collective concerns synthesize as heart-centered collaboration for the good of all. Leo’s fiery passion and the Water Bearer’s neutral detachment keep each other balanced.

Aquarius holds the common vision. Leo reminds us that everyone must do their part and offer their piece for the vision to manifest. Aquarius invites us to participate in the collective whole. Both individual and group consciousness are necessary to create an equitable, just, and peaceful world community.

July 20 – Mercury went direct at 11:22 AM PDT

The gate is open. Go!

July 22 – Aquarius Full Moon at zero degrees

11:17 AM PDT 6:17 PM GMT

There are two Aquarius full moons this year, the first at zero degrees and the second at 29 degrees. The first one may surprise us with unexpected openings, and possibilities for alliances that support shared visions. We might also surprise ourselves by being ready to release old beliefs and ways of doing things so we can forge new frontiers within and without.

At this full moon Saturn in Scorpio squares the Sun and Moon. Saturn will exactly square the Sun on July 27. Saturn energy makes sure we stay realistic and operate within our means. No pie in the sky dreams in Saturn territory. Saturn reins in excess in both personal power and group involvement. A down-to-earth and balanced approach is required and our touchstone for making commitments.

Squares force us to make decisions that involve clarifying our priorities, changing direction, and making new choices. To make these important decisions Saturn insists that we undergo a realistic analysis of how to use available resources, including our own time and energy. Saturn can be an ideal manifestation partner for staying grounded and practical. Saturn’s prudence keeps us from over-reacting and over- committing.

July 22 – The ongoing Saturn-Neptune Trine is joined by Mars and Jupiter

Ease is the key word for trine energy.

Mars is in Cancer from July 14 through August 27.

Mercury’s extended stay in Cancer due to retrograde is from May 31 through August 8.

Just before the Aquarius Full Moon, Mars and Jupiter both in Cancer add the other point to the Saturn (Scorpio)-Neptune(Pisces) trine (triangle). Saturn is practical. Neptune is visionary. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer super charge the water elements with nurturing courage, confidence, and enthusiasm to take bold action. This combination facilitates linking up with like-minded colleagues to combine efforts, resources, and talents in the Aquarian spirit to work together toward a shared goal.

July 27-31 – Mars in Cancer forms a T-square with Pluto and Uranus

Reality checks and turning points are key phrases defining squares.

Get clarity before you make choices because whatever you choose, your decision will have lasting effects and be pivotal in determining your future. Be accountable to your soul. Don’t engage in power struggles. Don’t make up stories or jump to conclusions without a deeper understanding of what is really happening. Identify what needs to be done to move forward and how everyone can win.

August 6 – Leo New Moon

2:51 PM PDT 9:51 PM GMT

Leo is about creating from the heart. We are each a unique configuration of universal energies and thus our light shines in a special way. The Leo aspect of our spiritual development is to learn how to shine our light in a truly authentic way. Our life is about evolving and expanding into our essence. (see Shine Your Heart Light blog)

Jupiter in Cancer

June 25, 2012 – July 16, 2014

With Jupiter in Cancer, the activation of the Divine Feminine gets Jupiter’s enthusiastic support for the next year.

When a faster moving planet aligns with an on-going alignment of slower moving planets, it adds a stimulating dynamic and quickening force to the mix. This is the case with Jupiter in Cancer, which will expand the need for nurturing and caring to all the formations listed below and be a defining force through July 2014.

Jupiter, the mythic King of the Gods and the largest planet in our solar system, offers optimism, hope, adventure, and higher wisdom to the mix. Its exhilarating energies are expansion and vast. Its shadow characteristics are gullibility, arrogance, excess, and fanaticism. So we walk a tight rope with Jupiter, whose energy can both elevate us and cause our demise. Of course, as with all universal archetypes, it is the level of our consciousness that determines how we use or abuse these neutral forces.

Energetically Jupiter opens the space for things to happen in its current zodiac sign. For the next year Jupiter makes the energies expressed by the Cancer archetype more accessible. And this is the key to dealing with all the planetary configurations where Jupiter in Cancer enters the game. Add nurturing, caring, kindness, compassion, and unattached love to the mix and watch the effects.

These words of wisdom from Yogi Bhajan are relevant. The only mistake in the entire personality of a woman is this: she does not calculate if what she is giving is going to be received. That is the only flaw you have as a woman. Cancer represents the Divine Feminine Mother, forever giving by her very nature. We can direct the Jupiter in Cancer energy by instinctually computing where to best share our nurturing energy. (True for both men and women.)

Our lesson is not to waste, to give away for nothing, or to give with expectations of getting our own need for love met. We have to be in neutral and take the needy ego out of the equation.

Below are the upcoming interactions of Jupiter with the on-going Pluto-Uranus square.

August 7 – Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn

First of 3 oppositions.

The Pluto factor forces us to examine our belief system and exposes our fabricated stories that run (and ruin) our lives. The purpose of Pluto’s deep examination is to liberate us from our rationalizations, prejudices, and self-sabotaging programming. Jupiter in Cancer asks us to be kind to ourselves during our healing process. Self-love can erase the pain and the past.

August 21 – Jupiter squares Uranus

First of 3 squares just hours after the second Aquarius full moon.

Squares confront us with choices, force decisions, and provoke action. The Jupiter/Uranus squares and the Pluto/Uranus squares are what is termed a waxing (building) square. This is an expansive period in this cycle of the creative process, when we make decisions about the life direction that we are going to take. Uranus invites us to be innovative, to give up old paradigms, and to think out of the box. Jupiter in Cancer opens our inner space to accommodate, welcome, and nurture our new adventures.

Uranus blooms without inhibitions. If we can be bold without being arrogant, if we can be passionate without being emotionally attached, if we can act like an adult while maintaining our inner joy, we can use this powerful combination to our advantage.

August 7-21 – Jupiter forms a T-square with Pluto and Uranus

at 9 to 12 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries.

Jupiter, joining the on-going Pluto/Uranus square will also be part of 5 cardinal grand crosses through next January.

Grand crosses involve 4 squares and 2 oppositions (and sometimes more.) The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) are the activators who initiate new projects. If anyone is bored during this time, something is seriously wrong. All this cosmic activity catalyzes life changes. Now is the time to make adjustments, to let go of what doesn’t work, and to make life-changing moves.

The other four grand crosses will be activated by Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Libra. Venus in Libra (August 24-27) brings to the fore the need to clarify our values and authority. Mercury in Libra (September 14-19) brings clarity of mind if we are in our neutral channel. Sun in Libra (October 1-12) and Mars in Libra (December 12 and Jan 8 2014) add an energetic boost that stimulates action.

August 20-21 – Aquarius Full Moon

6:45 PM PDT (1:14 AM GMT)

When we honor ourselves and each other, minds and hearts meet. It is a great place to be and a great time to be alive. Ideas initiated at the first Aquarian full moon will consolidate into concrete plans at this full moon.l

August 21 – Jupiter forms a trine with Chiron in Pisces at 12 degrees.

The Aquarius full moon is nurtured by the first of 3 Jupiter/Chiron trines. Our sensory sensitivity, emotional awareness, and intuitive intelligence is expanding. Self-love and love of the Divine are catalyzing forces.

Four Feminine Forces – Asteroids

All four of the feminine asteroids influence the Leo new moon. Ceres and Vesta in Leo join the Sun at the second Aquarius full moon. Below is a brief description of traits and lessons of the Divine Feminine to help guide your Jupiter in Cancer journey.

Ceres represents the Great Mother who nourishes all. She reminds us that we need to take care of our bodies and our emotional needs. Make your inner space into the womb of creation. Hold Love and be held by Love.

Vesta represents the eternal flame that symbolizes the Light of Creation. We each keep the eternal flame of our soul alive through our dedication to our sacred work. Focus on your life purpose and make your contribution.

Juno stands for equality and respect in relationships and internally honoring both polarities of our soul. Juno reminds us that domination, control, manipulation, and competition fuel both inner and outer conflict. The price of liberation and love is equality, respect, acceptance, and win-win.

Pallas stands for inner wisdom and self-confidence that empower our feminine to be authentic and see things how they are. An elevated neutral perspective liberates us from doubt and submission. The flowing feminine Force can outwit any mentally calculated scheme, because its wisdom is to align with the way things are and then gracefully steer the boat in the direction of Love.

Blessings from my heart!

Guru Rattana :+)

The planetary alignments make this a perfect time to ignite the light of our soul. See Kundalini Yoga to Shine Your Heart Light blog


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