In the Gemini Zone 2013

If you have been feeling more emotional and stressed than usual in the last week or so, you are certainly not alone. The three  consecutive eclipses and the build up to the third Pluto-Uranus square May 20 have definitely intensified the energetic atmosphere. There should be some reprieve after the third eclipse Friday May 24. Many of us hope so!

MAY 20 – The Sun enters Gemini

2:10 PM PDT, 10:10 PM GMT

Definitely tune into Gemini playfulness. Don’t be so serious and have some fun.

MAY 20 – Pluto-Uranus Square – third of seven exact squares

Only one hour after Sun moves into Gemini, Pluto and Uranus line up for the third of seven exact squares. This revolutionary duo is super-charged by the 3 eclipses.

The Pluto-Uranus square (which is on-going from 2012 through the spring of 2015). Because Uranus and Pluto are slow moving planets, the impact of the square is felt weeks (or more) before and after. This square is at 11 degrees Capricorn and Aries. Any planets in your natal chart at or around 11 degrees are strongly affected.

We can’t sneak by a square, which requires change/transformation. Uranus in Aries asks us to get in touch with our unique identity and to give value to ourselves and our life. Pluto in Capricorn confronts us with a need to evaluate how we are building our life from the inside, so that who we are and what we do can make a difference.

MAY 24-25 – Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

9:26 AM PDT. 4:26 AM GMT

This is one of the most potent Full Moons of 2013 for several reasons. (1) It is the third eclipse in a row. (2) It comes just a few days after the Uranus/Pluto square. (3) It is a Super Moon meaning that the Moon is the closest it gets to the Earth and it is exactly in a straight line with the Earth and the Sun.

At this Full Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are in Gemini. The later three are conjunct — aligned together. And Neptune squares the eclipse. This combination awakens our intuitive capacity to compute non-verbal information from our subtle feeling senses.

JUNE 7 – Neptune goes retrograde at 5 degrees Pisces

As Neptune slowly turns directions and hovers in Pisces, it intensifies our perceptual and emotional sensitivity.

JUNE 8 – Gemini New Moon

8:58 AM PDT, 3:58 PM GMT

At the Gemini New Moon, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Pallas are in Gemini. Venus and Mercury are already in Cancer, which means that our emotions are impacting our thinking. (For water signs and those with lots of planets in water this is nothing new, just more intense.) Cancer and the water signs are about developing emotional intelligence, so that we can respond intelligently to information that is transmitted via our sensitive feelings and emotions — the feminine polarity of our soul.

It is interesting that Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters More than IQ by Daniel Goleman was first published in 1995. This groundbreaking book introduced the concept of emotional intelligence only 18 years ago.

There are many planetary interactions the first two weeks in June which present possibilities for opening our minds and emotions (1) to look at what’s not working for us, (2) to clarify our priorities, (3) to evaluate and choose what is in our best interest, and (4) to take practical steps to manifest our goals. After the peak of the emotional drama of the Uranus-Pluto square, we can more ‘rationally’ assess ourselves and our lives.

Themes for the Gemini Zone

The territory of the Gemini/ Sagittarius polarity pair is the mind. Gemini represents the dualistic dance of the rational/analytical mind. Sagittarius represents the higher/neutral mind, where we connect with Spirit. Their basic themes are (1) the power of the mind, (2) the influence of beliefs, (3) perceptions of reality, and (4) refining our mental compass that orients and directs us in physical reality. Our goal is to have our mental compass grounded in our soul and aligned with Spirit.

Everyone has filters through which they perceive reality, themselves, others, and the world. When the Sun is in Gemini we playfully attempt to become aware of our beliefs and biases and how they impact our lives. Gemini likes to entertain the unfamiliar and this is a good habit to adapt. Generally we have the habit of dismissing ideas that don’t fit into our ‘true and acceptable’ categories. We distort information to feel comfortable, or we delete and ignore what makes us feel uncomfortable..

In the book The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton explains the following. Our subconscious mind processes about 20,000,000 stimuli per second. Our conscious mind interprets about 40 stimuli per second. In other words, the logical, reasoning part of our brain processes information much slower than the survival reflex, fight or flight reptilian part of our brain. The lower mind operates from leaned behaviors and instantaneously reacts. And here is the important part — When we are worried, afraid, or stressed, we perceive, compute, and act from our reptilian, not our rational brain. *(1) p. 105

The missing piece is the neutral mind, which when activated and used, makes it possible to deal intelligently with both our emotional responses and our intellectual analysis. See Kundalini Yoga Blog on Training Our Mind.

We can talk about the astrological configurations that provide energetic opportunities to awaken and shift our inner and outer realities. But we have to be available to receive and process information in an expanded manner to take advantage of these openings, which are not going to just happen in our dualistic mind. We can awaken our capacity to observe and shift our perceptions in our neutral mind. The current energies invite us to take seriously the discipline of meditation to train our mind to operate in expanded consciousness. See Blog Training Our Mind.


Guru Rattana :+)

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