In the Cancer Zone 2013

For the next four weeks while the Sun is in Cancer we will be experiencing an extraordinary activation of the Divine Feminine. This is very different energy than what we are used to. Habituated to go, go, do, do, we may find it unusual that we can actually relax and let go. The release of tension and stress caused by blocked energy unleashes a dynamic flow of aliveness. Monitor this phenomenon in your own being and use this opportunity to move into the ‘relax and attract’ mode of living.

There is a lot of cosmic activity this month, including 3 planets changing directions. During the sensitive time of Cancer we can feel the energy shifts and wonder what is the matter with us. It is always supportive to know that we aren’t being singled out as the only one who is experiencing something we can’t quite define. The major astrological ‘events’ outlined below give an idea of the nature of the powerful energetic shifts. The bottom line is, don’t take it personally. We are all being impacted by the same cosmic forces. AND we each have to deal with how they play out as feelings, events, and challenges in our lives. The Feminine is very nurturing when we embrace it with the love that if offers us.

June 20-21 – The Sun enters Cancer the moment of Summer Solstice

(Winter in Southern Hemisphere) 10:04 PM PDT, 5:04 AM GMT

During both winter and summer solstices, the Sun seems to stand still for the day before, the day of, and the day after. This is a very potent time to recalibrate and integrate higher frequency energies and to align with the Earth changes. It is especially important to meditate and be receptive. Don’t over exert yourself or try to force things to happen. Allow yourself to be infused with rejuvenating energy and inspiration.

June 23 – Capricorn Full Moon

4:33 AM PDT, 11:33 AM GMT

This is another potent Full Moon — a Super Moon meaning that the Moon is the closest it gets to the Earth and it is exactly in a straight line with the Earth and the Sun. At this Full Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Vesta are in Cancer. The later three are conjunct — aligned together.

The Capricorn full moon highlights two common concerns — how we earn a living and attain prosperity and how we define our role in the world. How can we offer our unique contribution and be financially supported? This month we look at how our inner reality supports (or sabotages) our outer reality. We can be inspired with new perspectives on this and other matters at this full moon.

June 25-26 – Jupiter enters Cancer

6:40 PM PDT, 1:40 AM GMT

Every 12 years Jupiter transits through each zodiac sign. This year it is Cancer’s turn. Our attention will be expanded to all forms of the feminine — our feelings, emotional needs, food, nurturing, family, our inner sensitive space, Mother Earth, and our global family.

June 26 – Mercury turns Retrograde through July 20th (at 23-13 degrees Cancer)

Mercury is retrograde three of the four weeks that the Sun is in Cancer. Perfect timing to go inside and be cozy, nurturing, and loving with ourselves. Mercury is in Cancer May 31 through August 7.

June 26 – Sun (Cancer), Saturn (Scorpio), Neptune (Pisces) form a grand water trine at 5 degrees

Saturn (physical reality) and Neptune (spiritual reality) are in a flowing/trine relationship for most of 2013. When two planets interact, the slowest planet’s agenda and mode dominates. In this case, Neptune dissolves our stories and obliges us to surrender to higher love.

Trine energy is flowing with little or no resistance. Things can happen with little effort. However, be aware, although the energy is supportive, we have to take advantage of the flow. We can’t escape into inertia and hope things will work out. Our participation is required.

The Sun brings light to this deep inner transformation process. Jupiter and Mars will join the Saturn/Neptune trine in July, adding an expansive perspective and a supportive call to action.

July 1-3 – Sun in Cancer forms a T square with Pluto and Uranus at 10-12 degrees

The Sun adds another leg making a ‘T’ to the on-going Uranus/Pluto square. Uranus brings to the surface our Cancer needs, feelings, and emotions — relating to being loved, giving love, acceptance, worthiness, and emotional satisfaction. Pluto demands that we be honest and not deny what we are feeling, and then let go of the ‘story’ and love our gentle self. The square configuration demands action. Don’t just whine, get busy and do your destiny.

July 7-8 – Saturn in Scorpio goes direct after being retrograde since February 18.

10:12 PM PDT, 5:12 AM GMT

The second water sign, Scorpio’s territory is the unconscious, the subconscious, the deep dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and profound inner transformation. When a planet changes direction it hovers in the same degree for weeks, intensifying its energy to deliver its message. Saturn hovers at 4 degrees Scorpio from June 24 through July 23.

While Saturn was retrograde we were invited to examine our inner reality and identify the root causes of our current life challenges, specifically in the arenas of financial matters and our intimate relationships. If we are willing to own this reality, and to make fundamental changes (drop the old baggage), we can move forward. The issues we have been dealing with relate to setting boundaries and limits, taking responsibility for ourselves (not blaming or being a victim), and being our own authority.

July 8 – Cancer New Moon

12:15 AM PDT, 7:15 AM GMT

At the Cancer New Moon, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Vesta, and Ceres are in Cancer. Our emotions are impacting our thinking. (For water signs and those with lots of planets in water this is nothing new, just more intense.) Cancer and the water signs are about coming into emotional adulthood, so that we can respond intelligently to information that is transmitted via our sensitive feelings and emotions — the feminine polarity of our soul.

July 13 – Mars enters Cancer where it stays through August 27.

6:22 AM PDT, 1:22 PM GMT

Take action to nurture, support, reenergize, and revitalize yourself.

July 17 – Uranus goes retrograde

10:20 AM PDT, 5:20 PM GMT

Uranus will slowly move back into an exact square with Pluto November 1. We will feel the intensity grow. We are being challenged both personally and collectively to make authentic changes. We will witness more grassroots sentiment for freedom, more revelations of treachery and hidden agendas of the power elite trying to maintain control, and inspiration to support each other for collective change. Act from your heart, pray for peace, and everyday cultivate peace within. Ideologies and fundamental righteousness create separation and conflict. Kindness and compassion can unite us. We are one in the heart.

July 17-19 – Jupiter (Cancer), Saturn (Scorpio), Neptune (Pisces) form a grand water trine at 5 degrees

During the month of July, Jupiter in Cancer joins Saturn and Neptune to form a powerful grand trine in the water element. Take advantage of this flowing energy to give up your own resistances and move with the currents.

July 20-22 – Mars (Cancer) joins and energizes the Saturn (Scorpio), Neptune (Pisces) a grand water trine at 5 degrees

The fact is we know what we have to do. We know the solution. The problem is our willingness to admit and implement the solution. Mars in Cancer tells us to start by taking good care of ourselves. When we are strong and healthy, we have the energy to help others.

Themes for the Cancer Zone

The territory of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity pair is our emotional and physical bodies — our inner and outer realities. This dynamic makes us aware of the fact that the polarities exist together and are totally interdependent. We can blame the patriarchy for global problems, but the reality is that the dysfunctions in the world are caused by the collaboration of the dysfunctional male and the dysfunction female. Both polarities must be upgraded to create system change.

Cancer, the first water sign, represents the feminine and the protective and nurturing Mother. The dark, dysfunctional expression of the feminine is suppressing our feelings, denying our needs, and taking care of others in an indirect way trying to get our own need for love met. The fear-based Crab lives vicariously and gives away her power. The Crab gives in order to receive, ignoring the fact that its defensive posture prevents it from receiving.

Of course, those who (people and economic and political systems) specialize in taking (greed) and don’t know how to give take advantage of the naiveté and ignorance. We witness that the two interlock as victors and victims of fear-based strategies. Feminine — if I give enough somehow I will get what I need. Masculine — I must take what I can because there is not enough for everyone.

Collectively the Cancer Mother symbolizes our relationship with the Cosmic Mother and our commonality as members of the family of humankind. The word ‘matter’ is derived from ‘mother.’ All matter, the physical world, and our bodies are gifts from the Mother. While the Sun is in Cancer we get in touch with the sacredness of all the manifestations of the Divine Feminine. *(see discussion in the Gift of Womanhood pp. 66-99)

The zodiac signs alternate between masculine and feminine. The major theme while the Sun is in Cancer is reclaiming the power and presence of the Divine Feminine within. It is not going to happen in the external world until both men and women rebirth their feminine and find wholeness within themselves.

Relax into the Flow

The planetary alignments make this a perfect time to relax into the flow of our inner feeling polarity. See Kundalini Yoga – Relaxation in the Two Polarities blog


Guru Rattana :+)


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