Guru Rattana European Tour – 2014

Guru Rattana spends 3 months of every year teaching Kundalini Yoga in Europe. The schedule for her 2014 tour is now available by CLICKING HERE.

She will be teaching 3 separate courses at the Flow Resort by the Sea in Datca, Turkey.

Hotel grounds with Mediterranean Backdrop
View of Cabins in Hotel Grounds with Mediterranean Backdrop

September 20-October 1 – Gift of Womanhood Russian Teacher Training

October 8-October 16 – Your Life Is in Your Chakras Teacher Training – Level 1 and Beyond!

October 18-October 25 – Gift of Womanhood Retreat

Hotel Dining Area
Hotel Dining Area
Flow Hotel
Flow Hotel
Flow Hotel
Flow Hotel

Other Venues

You can also join Guru Rattana for weekend Kundalini Yoga workshops in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Gjøvik.

If you can, take one of these chances to meet with Guru Rattana and be uplifted in the space of love!

Check out the schedule, share it with your friends, and book your flight!

See you in Datca.

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  1. I don’t have plans to come to Spain, sorry. But I encourage everyone to come to Turkey and be with me. I have 3 week-long courses scheduled so we can spend a lot of time together. I teach all the classes, morning, afternoon and sharing and mediation in the evening. It is a very special time. Plan now to join me by the seaside in Turkey. Blessings, Guru Rattana :+)

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