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Feeling the Capricorn Solar Eclipse – December 25-26 2019

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This could be an emotional Christmas, with a Solar Eclipse New Moon building up Christmas eve and peaking the evening of Christmas in the U.S., or early in the morning the day after in Europe and the East.

This eclipse sets the stage for a rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which occurred the last time 500 years ago. We cannot ignore the growing tension, which is further amplified by the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th, just before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020.

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December 25-26 – Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse

9:13 PM PST (5:13 GMT)

At this New Moon Solar Eclipse, the powerful link up of 7 planets in Capricorn demands our attention. The Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are conjunct at 4-5 degrees Capricorn. The South Node, asteroid Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto are all also in Capricorn.

The North Node in Cancer opposes all these celestial bodies and thus is the only balance point for these 7 energies in Capricorn. This means that we have only one leg to stand on – our emotional body! Emotionally we are being challenged to hold all this intense energy. That is a big job! The North Node indicates new territory, increasing the chances that we will feel emotionally overwhelmed. We are not used to or trained to rely on our emotions for comfort and support.

Our Emotions Are in Charge

When the Moon eclipses the Sun, we become aware of how our emotions impact, i.e. dominate our reality. We often believe that if we pick the right thoughts we can control our reality. But if we pay attention with feeling awareness in our body, we realize that the undercurrent of emotions determines what we think, how we feel, how we interact, and what we attract. In other words, our emotions are in charge.

Our emotions express for our deep needs and are especially vocal when our needs are not getting met. In our busy daily lives, we often tend to override, ignore, and deny the pivotal role of our emotions. Feelings that we have suppressed rise to the surface during a solar eclipse, demanding our attention. Our feeling awareness increases, intensifying the need to pay attention to what our emotions are trying to communicate.

Anxiety Is Intensified

In these times of great change (2019, 2020 and beyond) anxiety from uncertainty is intensified. We can feel emotionally insecure, afraid, angry, sleepy, tired, dizzy, and notice pain in our body for which there is no obvious physical cause. Accumulated stress and tension from emotional turmoil and denial have built up to the point that we are forced to notice the deep rumblings in our emotional and physical bodies.

Eclipses both expose and oblige us to deal with the underlying emotional issues. Uncovering the emotional origin and releasing old patterns is the only way we can cease to be overwhelmed and jerked around by the subterranean emotional currents that command our attention.

Recurring Emotional Patterns

The South Node gives us information about our past, which we must heal or redefine to establish an inner foundation to move into new territory in the future (North Node.) With the South Node in Capricorn we need to look at our past for insight into the roots of our emotional programming. What attitudes of our parents and events in early childhood seeded the reactions that are triggered in us by current situations and encounters, which are linked to the past only through our learned fear and anger responses?

The important thing is to recognize a reoccurring pattern that continues to weave its way through our lives. The tenacity of the reactive pattern has sealed an emotional foundation that controls not only our reactions, but our way of being, preventing us from relaxing, consciously participating with ease in day to day activities, and enjoying the unfoldment of our lives.

Our job is to notice when and how external events and others’ actions and communications trigger a habitual response dynamic within us. Once we can observe with clarity and feel our emotional reactions in our body, we can distinguish between what is a carryover from long ago and what is a valid message in the present. We can gradually cease to be controlled by false ideas and more in touch with our truth, which can guide us to respond and behave authentically and appropriately.

Jupiter Intensifies Our Search for the Truth

At this new moon eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are conjunct (within one degree). Jupiter is the planet that represents our search for the truth. We each have access to universal truth and to our own download of this truth as it manifests for us. The goal of spiritual paths is open our access routes so that we can perceive the difference between what is true and what is distorted and imagined.

This solar eclipse invites us to clear the way in our emotional body so that we can intuitively and instinctually tune into, recognize, and trust our own truth. There are always internal voices from the past (and present) that attempt to override our intuitive heart-felt knowing. There are always others with different opinions, but they can access only their truth, not ours.

To grab the gift of this eclipse is to feel deeply in our body, honor what we feel, trust what we feel, and follow these message from our soul. If we disregard and overpower our own inner guidance, we set ourselves up for regrets, failures, and unnecessary repeats of the same lesson — to follow our inner truth.

Challenging aspects of Jupiter are naiveté and self-righteousness, which can be magnified by Jupiter conjunct the Sun, preventing us from a realistic and humble perception of the facts and an accommodating position in our interactions.

Even in outer events, the power struggle that we must deal with is within. We are always at choice to follow a combative anger and fear paved route or to steer a course from a compassionate and neutral heart.

Be sure to read (and reread) my previous Scorpio Blog 2019 ‘Deep Rest Before a New Beginning.’ Resting now at the end of the year will help us be ready for significant changes and deep transformation in 2020.

Practice the following meditation to calm down, release anxiety, and to call upon your own truth.

Meditation — Long Sat Nams to Neutralize Tension

The simplest and most basic meditation in Kundalini Yoga is chanting long SAT NAMs.

SAT NAM is a bij or seed mantra. From the seed of SAT NAM the truth grows within us.

Sit with a straight spine in a cross-legged Easy Pose, in your preferred meditation posture, or in a chair with the feet on the floor, sit bones carrying the weight of the body.

Bring the hands to the heart, palms facing the chest, left hand on top of right. Place the left thumb in the center of the right palm. The fingers of both hands are together and straight. The hands gently rest against the chest; arms are relaxed against the body. Eyes are nine-tenths closed to start. As the meditation progresses, they may close completely. Inhale with a long deep breath. On the exhale chant out loud


At the end of the breath say NAM. NAM is short. The A is not drawn out as in the SAAAAAAAAT.

Then inhale deeply again and continue for 3 to 5 minutes, building to 11, 15, 22, or 31 minutes. Notice that your breath gets longer and deeper and may slow down to four or fewer breaths per minute. At the end of the meditation, inhale deeply, suspend the breath, listen inside, and be one with the experience. Do this three times. Then sit quietly or lie down and completely relax.

SAT is the liberator and the cleanser. Let yourself relax and release with the AAAAAAA.

NAM is like the anchor. Feel the sound anchor you in your body.

Feel the sound of the AAAAAA come from the heart. Experience your throat as the mouthpiece of your heart. This practice will help you locate, consolidate, and open up the fourth (heart) and the fifth (throat) chakras. SAT NAM is the call of the soul. As you chant, call out to your soul, sing to your soul. Singing to your soul creates a very peaceful feeling. It takes us out of duality for a moment as our personality and soul merge as one in the sound current of our infinite being. Feel free to express any emotions that arise with the sounds. This is a good way to release and balance the emotions. The emotional energy will be gently elevated into soul energy.

COMMENTS: This is a very relaxing meditation. It completely neutralizes tension and brings you to a very peaceful state. Do it for 40 days and you can revitalize your glandular system and reestablish your glandular equilibrium. This is a good meditation to do at the end of a busy day. Do it when you get home after work before dinner and you will be able to enjoy your evening. Do it before you go to bed and you will sleep like a baby.

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Also available as an eBook and on sale at a special price of $11.89 until midnight December 24th.