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Cosmic Alignment – Freedom, Destiny, and Prosperity

We are in the midst of a powerful planetary alignment that is destined to affect each of our lives in profound ways. Do you feel it already? I do!

The launch of our redesigned Yoga Technology website – – has been auspiciously timed by the universe to coincide with the current cosmic energy of renewal. Many pages have already been updated, and we hope to have the job completed over the next few days. I love our new look, and already we are experiencing a substantial upsurge in interest. Click on the above link to check it out for yourself.

What is happening in your life that you didn’t plan for? I would love to hear from you.

July 31 – August 3 – Uranus, North Node, and Mars Meet at 18° Taurus

On July 31, Uranus and the North Node meet for their much anticipated conjunction in Taurus. Uranus and the North Node meet only every 15 years. Their last conjunction was March 31, 2007 at 16° Pisces. Can you recall anything significant happening in your life at that time? I can!

It is even rarer that Mars super charges the party. August 1-3, Mars joins Uranus and the North Node at 18° Taurus.

Conjunctions initiate new beginnings. The last chapter of our lives is closing, and a new chapter is opening. With Mars involved, there may be drum rolls to mark the occasion.

Uranus – Unexpected Surprises

Uranus is about surprise awakenings and unexpected developments. When there is a Uranus transit, we often hope that Uranus will bring us something we want that has previously eluded us.  However, we are not in charge of Uranus, which works independently of our desires, illusions of control, ability to manipulate, and good intentions. As an outer planet, Uranus operates beyond the radar of our awareness.

We can, however, pay attention to what is happening during the weeks that buildup to this conjunction. We can keep our eyes wide open for an unfoldment of events that you did not personally orchestrate. Monitor unusual events, serendipitous occurrences, and intuitive messages that seem to line up around a common theme. Enjoy the feeling of wonder.

Don’t talk too much about what you are experiencing. Keep your heart open to what the universe is delivering to you and watch how you are participating, i.e. your emotional reactions and action that you are inspired to take. Keep up your spiritual practice to maximize your alignment with the cosmic energies.

Paradigm Shift – New Lenses

A key word for Uranus is paradigm shift, which means that our habitual way of looking at reality and ourselves and the beliefs that support our current perspective are so radically challenged that we must throw away our old glasses and adapt to new lenses. We will change our mind on what we thought was important and possible and how we thought things ‘should be’.

An interesting feature of Uranian events is that what may initially surprise us is actually no surprise at all. If we are shocked, it is often because we were too blind to notice, hiding from, or not ready to acknowledge the obvious elephant in the room. But ready or not, in evolutionary terms our soul is itching for an upgrade and an expansion in how we experience life. Deep inside we recognize that upcoming change has been long overdue. We also recognize the perfection of divine timing.

Uranus is non-emotional, and has no attachments. It ‘knows’ what’s best and simply delivers ‘the truth.’ Uranus can look into the future. It sees when and how we are stuck in an unproductive status quo. Uranus is like an earthquake that shakes our foundations, removing our attachment to what no longer serves us, freeing us from the past, and creating space for the future. This is part of the freeing quality associated with Uranus.

The North Node – The Compass to Our Life Purpose

The sign and placement of the North Node in our birth chart serves as a compass that directs us to our life purpose. The Nodes of the Moon move through the zodiac every 1 ½ years. The current placement in Taurus and Scorpio (January 22, 2022 – July 18, 2023) affects the houses and planets of these two signs in our birth chart.

Unlike the South Node, which is our comfort zone, the North Node leads us on an unpaved path.  We have to evolve and grow into our North Node. The North Node initially represents foreign territory that is outside of our conscious awareness. When we are blessed (or confronted) with a North Node transit, the best we can do is trust our soul and the universe and flow with what is presented. And keep in mind that the universe always wins.

Uranus and the North Node Point to the Future

Uranus and the North Node are both future and progress-oriented energies that widen the field of available possibilities. Their goal is to release us from past restrictions and show us that there are more authentic and soulful ways to live our lives. Their meeting brings us events, opportunities, and people that serve our life purpose and highest good.

The effects of this conjunction can initially be unsettling. But it is an invitation to live our life according to our soul design and not by socially imposed standards. We can let go of beliefs and behaviors that have been sabotaging us for years. There is an opening to discover resources and talents we didn’t know we had.

Uranus (the most unpredictable, change-oriented astrological archetype) and the North Node (which points us to our soul’s purpose) are forces that cannot be resisted. Their combined effect, plus action-oriented Mars, challenge our resistance at its core, catapult us into new territory, and change our trajectory with rocket speed. The intention of this team is to set us free from beliefs, mental models, and life situations that are ruled by Taurus – money, resources, abundance, prosperity, self-worth, what we value, how we prioritize, physical satisfaction, sexuality, and connection with Mother Earth and her beauty.

Taurus Is Both Fixed and Purposeful

Taurus, the most fixed and change-adverse sign of the zodiac, is not a natural fit for Uranus and the North Node. However, when Uranus and North Node join forces, the moment for change has come. This is the time when the ‘on purpose’ aspect of Taurus can shine. Any planets and asteroids in Taurus in our birth chart will be super-charged. The Taurus houses in our birth chart will be revolutionized.

The Taurus Bull is an interesting combination of stubborn and pleasure seeking. The Bull does not like confrontation and conflict. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony and cooperation. Taurus can fight for what it wants, but it prefers to use its Venusian charm to attract things and people to it.

Practical earthly Taurus knows that some things are inherently difficult and that we can never escape our Saturn lessons, which oblige us to realistically deal with physical reality. Ruled by Venus, Taurus finds solace in relating to the magic and beauty everywhere. It finds pleasure in its relationship to the sensual pleasures of being alive in a human body on Planet Earth. It finds it power in its inner reality, where authentic satisfaction and fulfillment reside.

Inner Freedom

The promise of freedom, as defined by Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, is not about rebelling against external authority. It is about participating in life

  1. from a deep sense of who we are,
  2. loving ourselves and our lives,
  3. embracing our evolutionary journey,
  4. knowing what we can change and what we cannot change, and
  5. wisely choosing our battles.

This existential freedom comes from a deep awareness of our dual nature — ‘We are souls having a human experience.’ We recognize that there are material limitations and circumstances that we are obliged to deal with on Planet Earth. But when we can do so from the perspective of soul growth, our journey becomes more meaningful. The awareness that our soul is collaborating with a higher power to orchestrate our unfoldment can liberate us from our need to control every detail, and release frustration with how life presents itself.

Any planetary activity involving Uranus can be shocking in both positive and confronting ways. To the extent that we have lived lies and lied to ourselves about what we really want out of life, our awakening can be painful. However, the freedom that comes on the wings of clarity can be a most welcome relief.

Renewal and Opportunity

The Sun shines in Taurus in the springtime, bringing renewal and new life after the cold dark winter. This conjunction is about renewal and freedom that is directed by our soul that wants us to wake up, not by our ego that indulges in denial. We are obliged or pressurized to change because as a soul we are destined to evolve. The more we let go of our ego resistance, the more cosmic energies can be supportive and open possibilities that we hadn’t even thought were possible.

Surprise events can precipitate rapid change in our lives. Unexpected opportunities may become available that can alter the direction of our destiny. We can also be surprised by how we have already tuned into the forces of change and prepared for a foundational shift in our lives. (Like the redesign of Yoga Technology!)

We may have a light bulb moment of clarity. Operating together, Uranus and the North Node can reveal key themes concerning our life purpose and what we are here to do this life time.

Mars give us a forceful push and motivation to actually make things happen. Mars adds the energy and commitment to get on with it. Mars is like a row of honking cars behind us, insisting that we move forward.

Autonomy and Self-Love

A major theme of the Taurus archetype is self-autonomy, defined as living according to our soul blueprint and our own values, not by imposed or learned social expectations. Taurus rules our resources – material (money, assets), physical (energy levels), and everything we can count on that is ours – our talents, skills, and special gifts.

Uranus and North Node in Taurus support us in tapping into our own resourcefulness and being able to rely on ourselves. Taurus is self-reliant because it doesn’t lean on or expect someone or something else (another person, the government) to take care of us.

Self-love is the first requirement for becoming independent and finding the type of freedom Uranus and North Node in Taurus want us to find.

Unless we love ourselves, we won’t prioritize taking care of ourselves. We will continue to stay at the mercy of outside circumstances, others’ demands, and our own neediness. We settle for less than we deserve when we don’t give ourselves value. Believing that we are worthy makes it possible to get what we need. Being dependent on others or hoping to be taken reflect a weak inner connection with our soul. There is a lot of power in knowing that we can count on our own resources to meet our basic emotional and physical needs.

Self-Value and Prosperity

The Taurus aspect of our human journey is about getting clear about our own needs, getting our needs met, and involves both giving and receiving.

What we are able to give depends on our capacity to give. When we give to the point of depletion, we become resentful and start withdrawing. We create self-protective boundaries when the situation is not sustainable (or healthy.)

We are here to contribute. But we can’t give from a deficit. We can only give from overflow. How much we can contribute and the value of our contribution depends on our capacity. Our capacity is determined by how much we value and take care of ourselves. Self-value increases our ability to attract and raises our prosperity frequency.

Our capacity is also determined by how much we are willing and able to receive without guilt, shame, attachment, and conditioning that keeps us doubting and belittling ourselves. The more we deprive ourselves, the less we can give. The more we allow ourselves to receive, the more we are able to give.

Taurus teaches us that we start with being generous with ourselves. Then we have the energy, resources, and health to be able to be generous with our gifts. The more we give from the place of self-value, the happier and healthier we are.

Planetary Players Supporting Our Creative Process

Living our life is essentially an on-going and unfolding creative process with many phases. The movement and alignment of the planets continue to add their energies to what and how we are creating.

July 22 – The Sun moves into Leo 1:07 PM PDT (-7utc)

July 27 –  The Moon moves into Leo just before midnight 11:36 PM PDT (-7utc)

July 28 – The New Moon is in Leo at 2° Leo 10:55 AM PDT (-7utc)

The Leo Sun and New Moon add creative and playful energy to the Uranus/North Node/Mars alignment. We are encouraged to enjoy ‘doing our own thing’

July 28 – Jupiter goes retrograde 1:37 PM PDT (-7utc) at 8° Aries.

Jupiter goes direct 23 November at 28° Pisces

Saturn has been retrograde in Aquarius since June 4 and will go direct October 23. Neptune (May 29 – December 3) and Pluto (April 29 – October 7) are also retrograde. These outer planets work behind the scenes on transforming our inner reality. Their intentional work is to makes us more conscious of a higher power and our divine connection (Neptune) and the subconscious programming that derails our inner freedom (Pluto).

With both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde, we can feel a bit constrained and wonder where the juice went. However, they support us in doing what we sometimes interpret as tedious ground work, which is required now that we are entering another phase of our lives. A more realistic and useful attitude is to recognize and productively use this part of the creative process. We can find this to be a very exiting and inspired time to bring into life new ideas and move ahead in manifesting our life mission.

Leo and a Happy Heart

If we have been aware of our life purpose, but have felt frustrated in achieving our dreams, the connection with our heart can move us forward in a way that was not possible before. This conjunction is like a green light from the Universe to believe in ourselves and our life’s mission.

This extraordinary alignment is happening while the Sun is in Leo. The Lion’s radiant light amplifies our ability to both give and receive. To do our part in allowing the cosmic energies to work for us, we can maintain an attitude of gratitude and tune into our happy heart channel, where we can feel that joy, abundance, and satisfaction are possible. This doesn’t mean escaping into fantasy land. It means finding a place of inner contentment, so that we can be present to the vicissitudes of life and still operate from self-acceptance and self-love.

Of course, we all say we want to be happy, but we sabotage ourselves in so many unconscious ways. We miss the juice of life (and opportunities) when we don’t really believe in ourselves.

The message from the planets now is that there is another way of living. There is an invitation for an attitude shift. When we open our heart to ourselves, we naturally change our perspective and start seeing things in a different light. Transformation unfolds with less effort and more grace, because we have transformed from within.

Meditation to Attract Opportunities and Activate Intuition

This meditation opens the heart center and creates a magnetic aura to attract opportunities. It hones our intuition so that we know what to do.

Position – Elbows are bent with the forearms up and at our sides. Thumb and index finger touching in Gyan Mudra. The other four fingers are straight up near earlobe level. Arms are comfortable and slightly back to open the chest. Eyes are closed. Look into the vast space in your head.

Repeat the following mantra for 3-11 minutes, preferably in the morning to set the energy for your day. Repeat 3 to 11 times, as needed during the day. Practice for 11-31 minutes for 40 days to be able to call upon it at any time.

Ad such

Jugad such

He BAY such

Nanak hose BAY such 

This is an emphatic mantra. It is recited in a monotone with emphasis on the such. Elongate the such like the hiss of a snake and feel it in your spine. You can also pull a slight root lock to awaken the Kundalini. 

This version of the mantra with BAY is active. It breaks through the energetic blocks to remove obstacles to make something happen. This is a good mantra to call upon when you feel blocked.  It also sets your energy field so that your day can attract more possibilities and opportunities and you are able to take advantage of them.

Follow the above meditation with silent listening and feeling for at least 3-5 minutes, or as long as you like.

(One of the many meditations to be found in my Kundalini Yoga Manuals – available in both printed and E formats).

Meditation – Listen to Your Heart

The Ad Such mantra breaks through resistance and opens the space of love. After chanting, sit quietly, listen deeply, and feel the alive sensations in your body. Start with your hands cupped over your ears. Then after a few minutes, when you can hear the silence in your head, place your hands on your heart and continue to listen and feel deeply. Don’t think thoughts or make up anything in your mind. Listen to the silence in your neutral mind and feel the alive energy in your body.

Listen for your heart to speak. Your heart will tell you the truth about what really makes you happy and what kind of life you want to live. These insights may come later. In your silent meditation just relax and trust your heart to tell you your truth at its own timing.

Uranus sparks sudden insights, but it also creates edginess and impulsivity. Check it out – when you listen to your heart and trust that it is telling you your soul’s truth, does your body relax? Are you able to calm yourself down, even a bit? Do you feel more secure within? Note that when we are kind to ourselves, it is easier to find inner clarity and to not be swayed by what others think.

To claim the gifts of this conjunction, honor and follow your own truth – your happy heart!