Kundalini Yoga

Computing from Your Heart

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We have been programmed to deal with life from apprehension and negativity, i.e. fear and anger. Trapped in our dualistic mind, our psyche computes conflict, not love and joy. To advance on our spiritual path, we must monitor how we deal with life, each other, and ourselves. Pay attention to your reactions and how you compute strategies to your life situations. With the aid of the following kriya and meditation, train yourself to gradually shift from fear and anger calculations to love and peace approaches.

Also notice when you try to rely on mental analysis and ignore your emotions. Then feel your emotions in your body and witness the extent to which they express doubt, fear, and anger.

The kriya below To Remove Negativity will change your vibration from a negative to a neutral state. The Brainwave Meditation cultivates ‘happy’ brainwaves and opens your heart. Practice both and witness how your mood and approach to life shifts from fear to love.

To Remove Negativity

  1. Clasp fingers in Venus Lock, but curl Mercury (little) and Sun (ring) fingers into the palms instead of crossing them. Then hook left Saturn (middle) finger over right Sun (ring) finger and pull, hard. Focus at the third eye, continuously pulling hard on the finger lock for 1-3 minutes with long deep breathing. Removes anger and enthrones the neutral mind.
  2. Place the base of palms under the cheek bones and push as hard as you can for 1-3 minutes. It doesn’t have to hurt, but if it does, you have the right spot. Makes you feel happy afterwards!
  3. Grasp left wrist with the right hand and pull the left arm as far to the right as possible (and then some more!) for 1-3 minutes. Repeat on other side. Be sure to keep the head forward and do not twist the body. Removes tension across the shoulder blades.
  4. Clasp the wrists with your hands behind the back with the hands touching the spine and try to bring elbows together. Pull on arms as you arch the spine forward and apply chin lock for 1-3 minutes. Raises energy up the spine and elevates you!
  5. Standing up, shake every part of your body. Let go of stress and old energy from the day.
  6. Deeply relax on your back.

COMMENTS: This short set leaves you feeling great! Perfect for eliminating depression, anger, fatigue, or stress.


Brainwave Meditation

When our brainwaves are stable and we are in our neutral mind, we do not react to every little annoyance. And when we do not react, we are mentally available to respond appropriately to situations as they arise. This meditation specifically changes our brainwaves so that we feel more stable and neutral in our life situations.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Bring arms comfortably to the sides of the body with the elbows bent. Hands in fists, with the thumbs over the last three fingers, facing forward. Hold the index finger straight up, tight and stable, but without tensing the rest of the arms and body. The forearms should be perpendicular to the ground. During the meditation check the position and move the elbows forward as needed to maintain the position.

With eyes slightly open, looking at the tip of the nose, chant in a monotone,

HAR HARE (ha-ray) HARI (ha-ree) WHA HE GURU

Enunciate clearly, moving the mouth in a very pronounced way (exaggerate the lip movements). Pump the navel point with each part of the mantra (pull the navel point toward the spine). Once you perfect the above, try adding a slight root lock to the pumping of the navel center, which further stimulates the fire in your spine.

HAR HARE HARI are the three aspects of God: Generate, Organize, and Deliver.

WHA HE GURU means ecstasy and imprints the mind with a feeling of cosmic well-being.

Continue for 31 minutes. This can also be done for 11, 15, or 22 minutes, but for the full effect, do it for 31 minutes for at least 40 days. To install your neutral space, practice for 1,000 days in a row. You will love the results!

To end, hold the position and listen mentally to the mantra for 2 minutes. Then inhale deeply, hold the breath, tense the whole body as tight as you can, exhale. Repeat two more times for a total of three times. Relax on your back or meditate afterwards. Do not jump up immediately.

COMMENTS: This meditation will bring your brainwaves to the frequency of the neutral mind. In the neutral mind, we are tolerant and we don’t take things personally. In addition, the meditation opens up the heart chakra and activates the navel center. The mantra has also been given as a prosperity mantra. Like many meditations taught by Yogi Bhajan, there are many benefits that are uncovered as you practice.

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