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Me and My Heartbeat Meditation

When our self-analysis confuses us and our thoughts make us anxious, it is very useful to remember Yogi Bhajan’s words, ‘There is nothing right or wrong, thinking makes it so, and you can think either way.’ *(1) Too many thoughts jam our brainwaves and block our awareness of our subtle existence. We develop an awareness of our soul identity and our personal/spiritual reality, at a non-verbal, non-thinking, intuitive, and feeling level.

We can do so by making a regular practice of (1) connecting with our breath, (2) listening to our heartbeat, and (3) paying attention to how we feel in our body when we are alone and when we interact with others and participate in different situations.

Take time every day to be with your breath, heartbeat, and sensations in your body. In these simple ways, we can relax, be present to, and enjoy your life. Several times a day, to pass time, and before you go to sleep — close your eyes and be with yourself. Be honest. Be you. Yogi Bhajan reminds us, ‘When your self-esteem is self-satisfying, you have started living.’ *(2)

Want to be beautiful? Yogananda offers these inspiring words. Our face reveals our inner feelings and moods. ‘Your face is a mirror that reveals every change of feeling. Your thoughts and emotions, like waves, ebb and flow in the facial muscles, continuously altering your appearance. Everyone you meet sees and reacts to these facial expression of what you are inwardly thinking and feeling.’ *(3)

Take a picture of yourself before and after the following meditation or after any other meditation and Kundalini yoga practice. Check out how your face speaks for your inner state of being.

Listen to Your Heartbeat Meditation

Listen to your heartbeat meditation

Sit comfortably with a straight spine. With the four fingers of the right hand, feel the pulse on the left wrist. Place the fingers in a straight line, lightly, so that you can feel the pulse in each fingertip. Your hands can rest on your lap. Focus your lightly closed eyes at the brow point (between the eyebrows). On each beat of the heart, mentally hear the sound


 For 11 minutes, building to 31

COMMENTS: If you don’t know how to meditate or you want to develop the ability of concentration in action, this is a beautiful technique. This is the meditation for someone who can’t meditate. It allows you to control your reaction to any situation and can bring sweetness and one-pointedness to the most outrageously scattered mind. *(4)

When you are lying down, place your hands on your heart or navel to feel your heartbeat. You may prefer to feel your heartbeat in another part of your body. That is fine too.

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