Honesty, Truth, and Humor Win the Game!

Gemini loves the game of life and is an avid player. Gemini’s polarity pair Sagittarius holds the key to winning and success. Two full moons in Sagittarius challenge all of us to monitor our inner conversations, listen to our hearts instead of our stories, and tell ourselves the truth. As we develop the habit of being true to ourselves, we align with our soul and magic happens.

May 20 – The Sun Parties in Gemini

7:37 AM PST (14:37 GMT)

Gemini is curious and light-hearted. The Gemini Twins invite us to be entertained by the myriad of things that are happening all the time. We can all benefit from Gemini’s positive attitude, sense of humor, and ability to not take things so seriously.

While the Sun shines in Gemini, we can use Gemini’s curiosity to attune ourselves to invisible spiritual forces. Things in physical reality are not always (maybe almost never :+) the way they seem to appear. With a detached, neutral approach, we can tune in at a deeper level. A lot is going on behind the scenes. Making ourselves available is how we can take advantage of the waves as they come to our shore. And there are a lot of waves (and under currents) this month.

May 21 – Sagittarius Full Moon

at 1 degrees 2:14 PM PDT (21:14 GMT)

Full Moons shine light on what has been hidden in the shadows of our unconscious. The Sagittarius/Gemini Full Moon reveals where our thinking has been has been distorted and programmed by dogma and beliefs that aren’t true.

Gemini gathers information. Sagittarius interprets and gives meaning to what may appear as facts. However, what we think, believe, and perceive is processed through a composite cultural, educational, parental and religious lens and fit into categories according to our age, gender, and life experiences. In other words, there are a whole gambit of interpretive codes that determine how and why we give certain meaning to situations, events, and interactions.

The Sagittarius Full Moon exposes the nature of our filters so that we can monitor where and how we are deceiving and thus creating problems for ourselves. We have four weeks (until the next full moon discussed below) to closely watch our thoughts, to observe what we are broadcasting, and to monitor what we are thus attracting. The power of the word includes both our thoughts and our speaking.

Mars joining the Moon in Sagittarius is going to be a mixed blessing. We will feel more confident to speak our truth, but Mars can also make us feel impatient and self-righteous. It is wise to monitor the potential impact and effects of our words before we speak. Mars is currently retrograde so we are better able to identify and hold back when our inner voice warns us to beware and not jump to conclusions. Take advantage of the light of the full moon to invite and listen to all sides before saying what you might regret later.

June 20 – Sagittarius Full Moon

at 29 degrees 4:02 AM PST (11:02 GMT)

Once every 2 to 3 years the sacred geometry of the heavens gifts us with two consecutive full moons in the same zodiac sign. This year the first full moon happens at the first degree of Sagittarius, the second at 29 degrees. The Archer’s message is intensified between the two full moons. The first degree initiates a new phase in our spiritual development. The last degree signals a completion and transition to our next level. The month between the two full moons is an auspicious time, when we are given an opportunity to make significant progress in our quest to live more conscious lives.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity pair defines what we are supposed to learn in relationship to how we perceive ourselves, our reality, and our truth.

Our Gemini challenge is to talk less and listen more, which includes both our internal conversation and our communications with others. Another important Gemini lesson is to cultivate awareness in our neutral/witness mind so that we can stop being brainwashed and transfixed by our own obsessive thinking. To do so, we must train ourselves to listen with/to our heart, not our head.

Our Sagittarius challenge is to transcend ingrained belief systems that keep us trapped in dogmatic and judgmental thinking. Sagittarius represents the higher mind, which, when not bogged down with fixed ways of evaluating, can expand our understanding and horizons into soul consciousness. With focus and commitment to our own truth, we can avoid distractions and are able to recognize and follow our soul path.

The Gemini and Sagittarius team helps us connect with our inner truth and speak our truth to ourselves, including admitting when we are afraid, angry, and sad. Being honest with ourselves requires being consciously connected to our feelings and our emotional habits. When we can live from this deeper sensitive awareness, we can get to know and love ourselves and embrace all aspects of our human journey.

May 22 – Mercury Goes Direct

at 14 degrees Taurus at 6:02 AM PDT (13:02 GMT) after being retrograde since April 28.

In the last few weeks have you gotten more clarity about what is important to you and what no longer works? May 21 and 22 (when Mercury changes direction) are great days to meditate and consolidate your findings with a dedicated intention to move forward as Mercury goes direct.

May 26 – Saturn Squares Jupiter

at 14 degrees Sagittarius and Virgo.

This is the third and final of three Saturn/Jupiter squares. The first square was August 3, 2015. The second was March 23, 2016. At the third square, we assess our progress.

Saturn square Jupiter precipitates a reality check, which has been on-going since August 2015. What misperceptions have blocked your progress? What practical information makes it possible to move forward? How far can you leap (Jupiter) with your feet still on the ground (Saturn)? We can’t catapult over practical reality (Saturn), but we can take a giant step forward (Jupiter). Where are YOU ready to take a giant step forward in your life? Be sure to identify and acknowledge where you have made satisfying progress within yourself.

June 4-5 – Gemini New Moon and the Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune T-square

7:59 PM PDT (2:59 GMT) at 14 degrees

The Gemini New Moon adds the missing piece to the T-square between Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. Active (the planets are within 10 degrees of each other) between February 27- July 2, this mutable (flowing) T-square is one of the most important alignments in 2016. This convergence of planetary energies renews the themes of the Harmonic Convergence which took place August 16–17, 1987, when 8 planets were closely coincided in a Grand Trine.

A T-square is composed of 3 or more planets forming squares and oppositions. Squares require action. Oppositions require synthesis or integration. This is not a passive harmonious energy like a trine or Grand Trine formation. Action, movement, change, and transformation are required. If we do not consciously make choices, something will still happen to make the choice for us. For example, we can choose to leave a relationship, employment, or situation that is not working or we can be fired, divorced, or have our life disrupted in some way.

Of course, positive things can happen too. What we have been working on for a long time can be birthed and we can achieve the support we need that was previously lacking (or building up). Resistance can be transmuted into motivation. We can choose to alter our lives in powerful and productive ways.

When a planet (or in this case the Moon in Gemini) enters the position of the ’empty leg’ of the T-square, it furnishes the missing piece of the equation. It gives us instructions on how to resolve the conflicts generated by the squares and opposition. The Gemini New Moon makes the T-square into a Grand Cross as it steps into the resolution point. A shift in attitude and growth is required. Gemini directs us to “hold a ‘beginner’s mind’ — to suspend our preconceptions, remaining open and curious, so that we can perceive things as they really are, rather than through the filters of our assumption, beliefs, and past experiences.” *(1) From a neutral and playful position, we can tune into the powers being offered (instead of the power struggles) of the other 3 planets.

Saturn supports us in being our own authority. Saturn tells us to identify where we are giving our power away. We can stop doing so as we learn to trust our inner voice that speaks from our heart. Saturn in Sagittarius quests for meaning and purpose in physical reality. We need to embody and work toward our ideals, live with integrity, and align with our destiny path and our own truth. We usually notice the hard work required to achieve our goals and the heaviness of the taskmaster Saturn, but we can also be aware that there is something very satisfying encoded in our Saturn in Sagittarius journey.

Neptune synthesizes all the energies and lessons confronting us by offering us a cosmic spiritual perspective that helps us distance ourselves from the details that might bog us down and keep us stressed out and emotionally agitated. Neptune’s perspective is powered by unconditional love. Neptune teaches us that all life is sacred. We are always engaged in an endless process of creation with the source of all creation — the One Infinite Source. Neptune in Pisces encourages us to channel our need for oneness into service to humanity and inner peace. It warns us that addictions and feeling oppressed and victimized are traps that misdirect both our energy and love.

June 13 Neptune stations retrograde

at 12 degrees Pisces, remaining retrograde through November 19.

Hovering within one degree for four months (April 12 to August 18) Neptune’s cosmic message is amplified — love is all there is, relax and enjoy your life.

Jupiter in Virgo supports Saturn and Neptune, encouraging us to let go of judgment and self-criticism in order to create a healing context for our lives.

Adding other planetary alignments to the mix, the cosmic message is clear — in our hearts we have a chance to operate from our truth and awaken to a more honest appreciation of what is happening both in our own lives and in the world. In our heads the prognosis is not encouraging.

June 20 – Sagittarius Full Moon

4:02 AM PDT (11:02 GMT) at 29 degrees Sagittarius.

At the second Sagittarius Full Moon, the Sun in Gemini moves into the empty leg of the Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune T-square. We can use this day to evaluate our progress. What false assumptions and limited beliefs have we identified and let go of? Are we more mindful of our thoughts? Can we move on when we hear a story that no longer serves us? If we have become more discerning in identifying what distracts and drains our energy and attention, then we have made good use of the Gemini/Sagittarius gift this month.

Honesty Story

Recently I overheard the audible half of a cell phone conversation. The man near me interrupted the person on the other end of the line with these words, “Excuse me, but I no longer involve myself in others’ stories. I am choosing to listen only to what brings love into my life.” Wow. That was brave and honest. And actually humorous. No negativity, no judgment, just the truth of what he had decided to embrace in his own life. :+)

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