Kundalini Yoga

Happiness and an Honest Heart

Jod Kriya (below) is a simple and impactful Kundalini Yoga technique to activate the heart chakra. It is a great practice any time, but is offered now to take advantage of the space of love created by

February 5 – March 19 — the Sun in Pisces

February 26 — the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces

March 4 – April 15 — Venus Retrograde
(A blog on this topic coming up soon.)

Even a few minutes a day opens our heart space and makes it possible to listen to our own truth. Discover for yourself that an honest heart is a happy heart!

The World and the Heart

The level of turmoil and trauma in the world has increased to disturbing levels. When our consciousness is ruled by duality, we experience division and conflict. We righteously take sides and judge (and even hate) those who don’t agree with us. This situation happens when our minds are programmed and controlled by the dualistic mind. Our inner tension, conflict, arguments, and wars create the same in the outer world. When we fight with ourselves, we fight with others, and disturb world peace.

In duality consciousness our human ego/personality feels separate from our soul and the Divine. Separation makes us feel insecure and feeds inner conflict. The illusion of separation happens in the lower vibrations of fear, which cause us to mentally judge, emotionally react, and live in perpetual stress.

Actually what is being exposed at this time is the deep subconscious fear, anger, and sadness that engulfs the collective global psyche. On the positive side, we are being given a change to tune into our oneness by first realizing how all of us share the burden and pain of mass consciousness stuck in the fear vibration. Then from honesty and empathy for our common painful condition, we can nurture compassion for ourselves and each other and open our hearts.

Our current situation is an opportunity to feel deeply into our heart and to heal ourselves so that fear and anger no longer control and wreak havoc in our lives. We can experience for ourselves that Love is the essence power that heals all wounds, elevates us out of conflict and struggle, and delivers us to peace and happiness. No matter what our outer circumstances, everyone can access the power of Love in their own heart.

Pisces invites us to suspend our opinions, partisanship, righteousness, and drama. For one month

tune into the love that lives in your heart. Stay focused on your neutral and compassionate heart. Let your heart (not politics, policies, petty dramas, and opinions) determine how you feel and live your life.

At their core, every religion and spiritual path teaches us to discover and enjoy the higher frequency of Divine Love that lives within each one of us. Prove it for yourself that Love lives in your heart and watch how Higher Love can transform your life, influence your environments, and contribute to a heart-centered world.

Heart Activation with Pranayama and Locks

Before the following meditation, practice this pranayama using the root lock. There are variations so as you find a combination that works well for you, feel free to adapt. The important thing is to use the breath with the locks to activate the heart chakra.

Inhale deeply from the base of the spine bringing energy from the Earth up the spine to the heart.

Initially expand and relax the belly and then pull the root lock to bring the energy up to the heart.

Pause briefly and hold the energy in your heart.

Slowly exhale feeling the space in your heart expand. Half way through the exhale, engage the root lock again and pull the energy up to the heart.

Continue the inhale, pause, exhale sequence, gradually slowing the breath down.
At some point, the root lock continues to engage.

2-5 minutes is a good preparation. You can continue as long as you wish.

Jod Kriya: Meditation for the Heart Chakra

This meditation is both simple and powerful. It stimulates the thymus to secrete so heart chakra can awaken. As the heart opens, our sacred space expands to include our heart. Our heart becomes the focal point of our sacred space and our head bows to our heart. It is a beautiful awakening — the awakening that we have been searching for.

This meditation is very relaxing and good for the nerves. It heals a broken heart and opens one to self-love and to receive love.

Palms are pressed lightly together in front of the face, tips of the middle fingers are at the level of the brow. Forearms are horizontal, parallel to the ground. Look within at the brow and feel the heart. There is no specified mantra or breath. You can internally chant a mantra of choice or focus on your breath, which will regulate itself. Simply hold the position and connect within. Practice for 11 or 31 minutes.

To end, inhale deeply, press the hands together, pressurize the whole body, and pull the locks. Exhale powerfully and repeat two more times. Then stretch up and shake out your whole body.

Sit or lie down on your back and feel the sensations in your spine at the level of your heart. Enjoy being in a very cozy and warm heart space with yourself.

Jod Kriya is one of many meditations that can be found in my book – Your Life is in Your Chakras.

Yoiur Life is in Your Chakras by Guru Rattanha PhD