Expand Your Mind – Sagittarius Full Moon 2017

At each Full Moon zodiac polarities confront each other. The Sun in Gemini stimulates mental activity, new ideas, and emotional unpredictability. Our repressed emotions can be randomly expelled through the mouth (tweets). The Moon in Sagittarius helps us expand our vision of what is possible and our perspective of what is really going on. We can move beyond limiting beliefs if we can simply listen and not judge. It is best to observe and not get involved in the hype and confusion and use our energy to take care of ourselves. Those who can stay balanced and in their hearts are seriously needed to bring love and peace to the world.

June 4 – Mars enters Cancer

While Mars is in Cancer through July 19, we are going to be super sensitive to our territory and not want to be being invaded by others’ ideas of what they think is best for us. This is time to clearly define and communicate clear boundaries. Also don’t give too much advice because you might not like the passive aggressive reactions of others who feel invaded or like you are trying to control them.

June 9 – Full Moon in Sagittarius

6:10 AM PDT (14:10 GMT) at 18 degrees

At the Full Moon our instinctive reactions and feelings are intensified. What has been mostly hidden bubbles up to the surface and is revealed. This is a very interesting and rich Full Moon. Here are some of the themes and how they will affect us.

[1] The Moon and Saturn Meet in Sagittarius – Get Realistic

The wild excitable Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct serious, practical Saturn also in Sagittarius, confronting us with a harsh, but useful reality check. Sag expansiveness is muted by Saturn’s practicalities. We are reluctantly obliged to release our overzealous grand plans for a more practical vision.

Saturn turned retrograde April 5 and will remain in apparent backward motion through August 25 (28-21 degrees Sagittarius.) Saturn’s retrograde period appears to slow down our progress. We may experience frustration concerning achieving our goals. However, there is always a Grand Plan. Delays are ultimately to our benefit. Use this time to tie up loose ends, tend to necessary details, and get things in order. Learning new skills, discipline, and endurance (all Saturn lessons) will serve us in the future. We must learn to be patient and accept events that may appear as setbacks, which in fact align us with the best timing for success.

Saturn in Sagittarius helps us be aware of the long-term impact of our decisions. We need to be fully aligned with our choices and how they support our mission and values. This is a time of soul searching before we recommit to our course of action and know how to wisely allocate our energy to fulfill our purpose.

Retrograde periods are a time of introspection. There is a lot of uncertainty in the world, Saturn is a stabilizing force. We need this time to go inside and stabilize our own energies and thoughts about our future.

Here are some useful guidelines.

  1. Do pranayama meditation with long deep breathing to calm down your mind and strengthen your nervous system.
  2. Don’t believe everything you hear.
  3. Don’t jump to conclusions or make decisions before you have all the necessary facts.
  4. Identify unspoken assumptions or unrealistic expectations that can be blocking your progress.
  5. Get clear about priorities and limitations.
  6. Deeply listen to your heart.
  7. Choose from love rather than fear.

[2] Gemini and Sagittarius – Find the Truth

Gemini loves to gather news, information, and experiences. The American Gemini President like to make news, make up information, and give everyone new experiences. BTW, Trump has Moon in Sagittarius, which at the higher octaves is about truth and freedom. At the lower octaves Sag is aggressive, self-righteous, indulges in risky adventures, and can be naive to the point of being delusional. So this is all going to be very interesting.

The wise Sagittarius helps Gemini (dualistic mind) discriminate between what is useful and information and what isn’t. The wise Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and cuts through illusions to connect us with the truth. Sagittarius helps us identify misinformation or misconceptions, reminds us that most conflict happens because of a lack of clear, honest, and heartfelt communication.

The Sag Full Moon will illuminate where we are not in integrity. Where we are rigid and attached to being right? We must release judgments, old stories, and erroneous beliefs, if we want to liberate ourselves from being tied up in knots. It is time to grieve and purge the past and move on to a more equitable and just world, where expansion (Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius) is driven by spiritual principles not greed.

[3] Moon Squares Neptune in Pisces – Embrace Oneness

Full Moons reveal both the shadow and the elevated expressions of the two energies that confront each other. The shadow side of Pisces is delusion, denial, and deception. Pisces is an emotional water sign, which must move through veils of illusion and intense emotions to get to the truth. We have to feel what is going on to access the gift of oneness, peace, and love. If we cover up our pain and try to escape through addiction and distraction, we miss out.

Pisces dissolves the illusion duality, which makes it possible to transcend polarized perceptions of intolerance and conflict. It is time to open our hearts to oneness, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

We each have our own hurts and wounds. Yet what we are healing is also trans-personal. We are healing archetypal wounds suffered by our ancestors, our spiritual lineage, and men and women for centuries. We may feel more empowered and less a victim, if we can embrace our healing as part of the planetary process of moving from fear to love. It is easier (a bit at least) to transcend our personal perspective, when we know we are making our contribution and elevating our consciousness to embrace oneness. Pisces and Neptune blur our capacity to discern fact from fiction, which makes us an easy target for manipulation. At the same time Pisces and Neptune blur boundaries of realities making it possible to experience oneness, forgive, feel lighter, and move on without the baggage of the past.

[4] Grand Trine in Fire Signs – Move Ahead from the Heart

Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, North Node in Leo support each other in a grand trine, which in the fire signs catalyzes revelations and breakthroughs. We can wake up to deeper wisdom behind apparent chaos and disharmony. The best way forward (North Node indicates where we are headed and thus where we should point our arrow) uses Aries warrior energy to tell the truth Sag from the heart.

[5] Jupiter Stations Direct – June 9 – Independence and Interdependence

7:04 AM PDT (15:04 GMT at 13 degrees Libra

Jupiter turns direct just after the Full Moon peaks on June 9. Jupiter has been retrograde since February 5-6. In Libra and ruled by Venus, the retrograde time pulled us inward to connect with inner peace and self love. Did you find yourself more desirous of beauty, equality, and compassion? Have you found more inner equilibrium? I hope so because Jupiter’s direct phase will propel us to use our potential for expansion, growth, evolution and positive change. We can experience new beginnings in partnerships, based on our more loving relationship with ourselves. Stay rooted in your own truth and focus on the only real power – the power of love!

While Jupiter is in Libra we are learning (1) how to cooperate in relationships without being codependent, (2) the need for independence, which is possible only when we realize that we cannot rescue anyone, and it is our responsibility to ‘rescue’ ourselves from our victim stories. (3) When we recognize and feel the uncomfortable results of trying to manipulate or control others and stop, we can re-establish harmony and healthy balance between independence and interdependence in relationships.

June 16 – Neptune Stations Retrograde

at 14 degrees Pisces

Neptune retrograde draws us inward. We look less at our outer world to fulfill our dreams and more to our magical inner world for soul sustenance. At the same time, we realize the extent to which our outer reality is dependent upon our inner reality. If we don’t just space out and get lost in Lala land, but use our meditation to probe our inner reality, we can strip away illusions and fantasies. We can use this is the time to be very present so old patterns can be revealed and we can become aware of where we have deluded ourselves and ignored our intuition/heart. Initially this can be disorienting and even disheartening. But go through it. The light at the end of the tunnel will pull you through to the reality of Universal Love.

Keep practicing the Meditation for Telepathic Communication ‘Ad Nad Kriya’ from a previous blog.

Your mind will begin to see and compute the truth and you will speak from higher consciousness, not ego. Click Here to check out that blog entry.


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